Rajnikanth driving a lamborghini with a mask on has the internet in awe of the superstar

Superstar Rajnikanth was earlier spotted driving a Lamborghini with a face mask on. The picture instantly went viral all over social.

A picture of superstar Rajnikanth driving a Lamborghini in plain white clothes has caught the internet’s attention. The thalaivar is seen wearing his signature decent white attire but what is unusual is the face mask he had on while going out on a drive. Soon as the superstar posted the picture on his social media account, fans all over the country instantaneously started trending #LionInLamborghini.

Take a look at his post here:

Minutes after the post went viral, fans began urging people to wear a mask while going out. Hoards of Rajnikanth’s followers appreciated the superstar for his concern and maintaining safety guidelines.

“Wear Mask!!! Prevent Corona Risk!! #LionLamborghini #Rajnikanth” wrote a fan.“He himself is Self-driving the car for safety,” noted another fan. “He is the brand ambassador for being simple… Yes he is a Superstar,” wrote a fan. “He practices what he preaches. Wearing Mask inside his own car as well. Leader for a reason” gushed another fan.

“Even at the AGE 70 Yrs this Man Thalaivar @rajinikanth Super Active & Energetic like any Youngsters. On-Screen, his Heroic Stunts & energy Fire Offscreen his Simple Persona,” wrote another fan.

“Being Famous is not enough, Being famous & responsible at every instance is very important,” wrote another user.

Meanwhile, another picture of the actor went viral where he is seen standing beside the  Lamborghini with his daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth. The popularity and love for the South Indian Megastar know no bound in India. The actor has always sent a positive message through his work and actions in public. He is one of India’s only superstars to have earned this magnitude of love from his fans.

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