#SpeakUpAgainstFuelHike: Rahul Gandhi Earnestly Insists Countrymen To Join Campaign Against Fuel Prices Hike

Rahul Gandhi insists people to join campaign against the increasing prices in fuel

Seems like there is no end to our woes! Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday took a dig at the Central government for the surge in fuel prices and earnestly insisted people to join the campaign against it.

The former Congress party chief took to Twitter to address his bitter indignation and added, “Come and join #SpeakUpAgainstFuelHike campaign.” This was followed after the state-run oil marketing companies drastically increased the prices of petrol and diesel on Monday, a day after there was no hike in rates that were increasing continuously for three weeks.

Rahul Gandhi also hinted at a video shared by him wherein a person could be heard saying that the government is “rubbing salt on the wounds of people” by raising prices at such difficult time when people are either unemployed or not receiving salaries.

“Amid coronavirus pandemic and tensions with China, the Centre has left the common man to fend for themselves. It is looting the country by increasing the price of petrol and diesel from the past 21 days. The poor and middle class people are helpless,”    the video narrated.

The video was a medium by people to raise their voice against the hike, so that it lands on the “deaf ears of the government”. The narrator urged everybody to share this resentful condition of the people with the #SpeakUpAgainstFuelHike hashtag on their social media handle from 10 a.m. onwards on Monday.

The Congress party has also decided to initiate a five-day protest, starting June 30, against fuel price hike in each block of the country. The party would also hold protests, between 11 a.m. and 12 noon on Monday in front of the Central government offices against the fuel price hike, said senior Congress leader K.C. Venugopal on Sunday.

News Source: National Herald

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