Did you know? Priyanka Chopra lost multiple films after a botched nose surgery

Priyanka Chopra is currently an inspiration and a global icon. However, the road to success wasn't always for her. Apparently, one nose surgery gone wrong had cost her multiple films before her debut.

Bollywood’s very own Desi Girl is a superstar and global icon in her own right. In a career spanning over two decades, the actress has given some altering performances onscreen. Her work as a producer, philanthropist, has won her esteemed respect all over the world. However, the road to success wasn’t always just a piece of cake. Looking back it is evident that Priyanka has had to cross multiple hurdles before becoming an International Diva.

Priyanka Chopra was only 18 when she won the Miss World pageant. However, the industry was not very appreciative of her looks. In her 2018 biography Priyanka Chopra: A Dark Horse, writer Bharati S Pradhan revealed how Priyanka had to deal with multiple setbacks due to botched nose surgery. Her debut film was supposed to be opposite Bobby Deol in a Mahesh Manjrekar drama, but the project never took off.

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Priyanka Chopra Surgery Reaction

Vijay Galani, the producer talked about the film and said, “The media was there in full strength and Prakash Jaju, her secretary, kept asking me to go and meet her. So I went to her room where she was doing her make-up and that’s when I realized why Jaju had been egging me to go meet her. She’d just had some nasal surgery done in London where the bridge of her nose had collapsed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had a little bit of shooting here in Film City and then a long schedule planned in London. How could we shoot with the heroine’s nose looking the way it did?”

Priyanka Chopra Before Photos

While the makers of the film freaked out, Priyanka wasn’t the least bit bothered. Having faith in herself, the Mary Kom actress believed that she will be good to go before the shooting begins next month. But a month later, the problem persisted. Ultimately, the film was shelved after Bobby Deol pulled out of it.

Priyanka Chopra Debut Film

Later came Anil Sharma’s ‘Hero: A Love Story of a Spy’ opposite Sunny Deol. The director talked about casting Priyanka Chopra after her surgery fiasco. He said: “After signing her, I’d gone to the US and Canada for three or four months. When I came back and started working on the script, I began to hear that she’d had some surgery done, that she wanted pouting lips like Julia Roberts. I hadn’t met her for a while because, after my first few meetings with her, I was confident that she would be a very good actress, I knew that I wouldn’t have to slog over her performance… But when I returned, I met Pravinbhai of Time (then a popular production house) and he told me that she’d been dropped from three or four films. He also put a photograph before me. Of a girl in a bathing suit coming out of the pool. I told him, ‘This is not Priyanka, this is someone else. This girl is really awful looking while Priyanka is a pretty girl with a beautiful smile.’ He insisted that the girl in the photograph was Priyanka. I was shocked, so I called her and she came to meet me with her mother.

“When I looked at her, I burst out angrily and asked her, ‘Where was the need to do all this?’ Mother and daughter got very emotional at this meeting and they explained that she’d had surgery done, it would take six to seven months for the nose to heal. Since she’d been dropped from three or four other films, they were going back to Bareilly and they returned my cheque to me. Yes, that was a very dignified thing to do. They were very decent, cultured people,” he added.

Priyanka Chopra Before Photos

However, director Anil Sharma was touched by their decency and honesty. He called up a makeup specialist to try a different chopped hair look and it worked like a charm. “The first scene I filmed on her featured Priyanka in a long shot with Kabir Bedi. They were playing father and daughter and she gave her shot like a seasoned artiste. Kamaal ki performer hamesha se thi (She was always a fantastic performer),” Anil said.

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PC- The Global Icon

There has since been no looking back for Priyanka Chopra. The actress has not only made the country proud with her cinema but also her work in Hollywood. Recently, Priyanka signed a multi-million dollar deal with Amazon Prime to showcase regional stories on a global platform.

Meanwhile, the actress will also be starring in Barry Levinson’s film based on Osho disciple and convicted attempted murderer Maa Anand Sheela. Priyanka Chopra is also co-producing a sangeet reality show with husband Nick Jonas on Amazon Prime videos.

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