Interested In Pottery? These Top 5 Places In India Offer A Full Time Professional Course In Pottery Art

Interested In Pottery? These Top 5 Places In India Offer A Full Time Professional Course In Pottery Art

The ancient art of pottery is a quintessential element of Indian culture. With numerous enhancements of forms, substances, methods and materials, clay culture has appeared as an aesthetic art legacy. With a number of experts molding clay and creating utility items, deities of worship, sculptures of toys the list is endless.

Lot many of you do notpP know, but pottery can be taken up on a professional level. You can learn how to create a magnificent blend of vivid concepts, beautiful designs and intricate pottery pieces at greater depths and save the decaying Indian clay culture. If pottery is at you think can be your go-to-choice for planning a long term career path, we have created a list to guide you to spot the top places in India where you can gain a new learning experience.

Andretta Pottery Studio & Craft Society, Himachal Pradesh

Established at one of the most beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh, Andretta Pottery spreads its magic across Palampur. This studio was founded by Late Sardar Gurucharan Singh, who showed extensive interest about pottery and wanted to nail at it. Currently, his son Mansimran Singh is running it, along with his wife. This studio offers a three month crash course for beginners. The studio flaunts beautiful and skillful creations which is an unmissable sight.

Andretta studio Himachal Pradesh


Mandala Pottery, Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Located in Dana, Auroville, this studio boasts of molding intricate pieces, where the temperature rises up to 1300 degrees centigrade. What is comforting about this place is the ambience with clay and mud scattered everywhere. Their products are food and lead safe.

mandala art, auroville

Aura Art Stay, Punjab

Situated in Manakpur Sharif near Chandigarh, Aura Art Stay is an art hostel that has a fully functional pottery studio and vast outdoor spaces. You can have a visit to their Pottery Retreat and learn new techniques as a novice, or upgrade your skill set. This place also provides a comfortable and homely stay.

Aura Art Stay, Punjab

Clay Botik, Rajasthan

Located in the heart of ‘Pink City,’ Jaipur, Clay Botik is a popular retreat among artists for its unique and fine masterpieces. Their mission is all about living with their creations and not merely learn it. This place carries out a number of workshops for art enthusiasts, which include enthralling sessions in hand building or wheel pottery. Their products do not succumb to fulfilling societal needs only, but more towards appreciation of beauty and creativity.

Clay Botik

Clay Station, Bangalore

Based out of Bangalore, the Clay Station is an advanced space for pottery professionals. This place helps potters to bring out the best in them by providing the exact material and a perfect space. If you really want to indulge in this art form, then upgrade your skill set to a new dimension of creativity. They have various fun activities going on all the time, and all age groups are allowed to participate for experiencing a fun and learning-packed vacation.

clay station

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