VOTE NOW! Sacred Games or Money Heist, Your favorite web series to binge-watch?

Let us know which among Sacred Games or Money Heist are your favorite web shows.

Web series are the major source of entertainment these days. They are gripping, detailed, and cost-effective. In times of the disastrous COVID19 pandemic, the love of OTT has only grown. Web series also have a brilliant quality of getting intimately into a character’s life. People often feel like a part of a show if it’s interesting enough. Among some of the brilliant chartbusters stand Sacred Games and Money Heist.

Sacred Games, the crime-based drama has an engrossing storyline that keeps you hooked. The characters and mysteries keep unfolding one after the other creating more intrigue. Sacred Games won big at International platforms for its gripping performances and storytelling. From Sartaj’s point of view to Gaitonde’s journey, the audience remained hooked for every scene. The show’s mind-blowing cliffhanger in season 2 left fans confused and dumbfounded for days. It is only fair that the audience wants a Season 3.

Money Heist has blown to be one of the most-watched web series on Netflix. The show garnered much attention from people across the globe. Money Heist follows around a group of unusual robbers, who plan to commit the greatest robbery in Spanish History! The storyline and interesting twist and tales keep the audience engaged until the last scene. Also the song Bella Ciao has made it global playlist after featuring in Money Heist.

Check out the trailers of both the web series and let us know your thoughts

Sacred Games or Money Heist vote for the one you would pick as your favorite web series?

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