’90 Minutes Of Practicing Mindfulness Keeps All The Stress Away ‘Phil Boissiere Says In His TED Talk

Phil Boissere elucidates on the benefits of practicing mindfulness

In a world full of multiple stress and anxiety attacks, everyone needs a little break to calm their minds. At a moment, when you feel an inordinate triggers of fear, you need something to give you a reality check. This is where mindfulness kicks in. Phil Boissiere, in his TED talk, explains about the benefits of practising mindfulness.

Goes without saying, amid the nationwide pandemic, practicing mindfulness is the need of the hour. Trapped within the confines of our homes, life is increasingly taking the form of a rough patch where we are constantly battling with our demons inside. I believe, the mantra to get rid of our minds riddled with fear and overthinking and stress needs a quick and urgent attention. Super fortunate to come across this video.

“From Fortune 500 companies to elementary schools, mindfulness practices are being used every day in practical application and controlled studies with wonderful outcomes. Unfortunately, most of us tend to pump the brakes when we think about sequestering even a small amount of time or a quiet space to practice mindfulness,” Phil says. “What if I told you that the benefits of mindfulness could be obtained in as little as 30 seconds in almost any setting?”

Phil says he first birthed his own ‘3×3’ method for mindfulness when his daughter turned one. Juggling parenting and work were putting enormous stress on him, and he was constantly experiencing bouts of headaches and anxiety. But this method helped to reduce his stress to a great extent.

“The 3×3 method is extremely simple. All you’re going to do is identify one physical object in the environment, name it, and take one deep breath, and repeat it three times,” he continues. Phil recommends this strategy to all, in order to reduce their physiological response to stress. “Every moment has meaning. Time is precious. Don’t miss out,” he concludes.

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