Parents Must Check Their Children’s Phones: Teachers Explain Why

Statistics show more than 61% of parents check their children's web history without their knowledge. Teachers believe every parent must follow suit, here's why.

Parents are perhaps the most caring and nosiest beings on the planet. Even while their kids are growing up, a number of them turn helicopter parents; watching their every move. According to some statistics, 43% of parents snoop on their children’s phones while over a third i.e. 35% do it without them knowing. The topic is highly controversial as it involves trust and privacy on both sides while parents do it for the sake of their children’s safety. Though most parents eventually favor trust, recent data by school teachers suggest that parents must control their children’s devices.

Here is a list of reasons why teachers believe Parents must check their children’s phones:

Parents Should Teach Children How To Use Cell Phones

c1In a world filled with gadgets, children learn to use a cellphone before learning to speak properly. It then becomes the duty of a parent to teach them how to use a cellphone in a right manner. Like any social activity, children should be aware of the dangers of the Internet and need to set some boundaries. It is important for parents to teach kids about security, cyberbullying, about which content to post or and how to navigate the internet.

Parents must remain alert in shaping their kids’ online life just like they control or look over their personal lives.

Parents Are Unaware About Their Kids Personal Lives


The online world is a dangerous and cruel place. With social media made accessible to kids, it is important to keep a check on their online activities. Parents usually do not snoop into their children’s phones respecting their privacy. In a world with so many trap personalities on the internet, children might get involved in a number of unacceptable activities. Without their parents’ guidance, the internet can be a very dark place to be in.

According to a middle school principal, whenever he had to confiscate a students’ phone, he would find inappropriate photos and videos, social media usage, and messages. Parents who are unaware of their kids’ personal lives, refuse to believe they are capable of these things.

Cell Phones Are The Source Of An Unsafe Environment


Kids nowadays face tremendous pressure for being presentable, funny, and relatable. The internet
while being a fun place can also take you to dark and dangerous places with a tap of your fingers.
The number of dangerous websites on the internet is concerning. These websites can easily suck in kids and manipulate their behavior. To provide children with a safe environment, parents must monitor their children’s online activities and offer them support. It is important to have a conversation about the good and bad of the online world.

Parents must also bear in mind to be present in their kids’ lives as they are growing up. Smartphone addiction is a real thing and the more time they spent on it, the lesser they will focus on their real lives. Children often distance themselves from their parents after not relating to their generation. The increasing gap leads them to rely more on the internet for information. It becomes a parents’ job to keep them away from such harmful and unrealistic information and talk to them about their bodies, relationships, and everything else.

Do you think parents should keep track of their children’s activities? Have you ever done it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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