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Here's everything you need to know about Pan Card.

Before we delve into how to search your PAN card status by name and date of birth (DOB), let me tell you what PAN stands for. For the unversed, PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. Similar to Aadhar number, it is a 10-character alphanumeric number allocated to every Pan Cardholder.

Pan Card plays very significant role when it comes receive taxable salary or taxable professional fees or for opening a bank account. It is one of the most important documents issued by the Government of India.

How to search Pan Card details by Pan number

There are certain ways that you can find your Pan Card details. In order to find your Pan details using your PAN card number, you use can get it by using Search PAN. This service is purely created to help cardholders to get their Pan Card related details.

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Search PAN is one of the best and easiest ways to find out your Pan Card details and verify the same. In order to search for your PAN card details, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Log onto Income Tax Department e-Filing website
  • Click on ‘Register Yourself’ and Enter your PAN Card number
  • Fill all the necessary fields and submit it.
  • You will receive a link on your registered email-ID.
  • In order to activate your account, you need to click on the link.
  • Visit to Enter your account and click on “My Account”.
  • Now, go to Profile Settings and click on PAN details.
  • Your PAN card details have been generated. You will get the name, area code, jurisdiction, address and other related information.

How To Search Your Address In PAN Card

Don’t know how to find out your address in PAN Card? Don’t fret amigos, we have got you covered. You can search various details about PAN card including your address by merely registering your PAN number of the Income Tax Department e-Filing website. In order to do so, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Income Tax Department e-Filing website (
  • Click on ‘Register Yourself’.
  • After selecting the user type, click on ‘Continue’
  • You will be asked to submit some basic details.
  • Fill all the mandatory field in the Registration Form and submit it.
  • You will get a link on your email-Id.
  • To activate your account, you will have to click on the link.
  • A link will be sent to your email address. Click on this link to activate your account.
  • Visit to Enter your account and click on “My Account”.
  • Go to Profile Settings and click on PAN Details.
  • You will see your address and other details appearing on the screen.

How to search for PAN Card Details using Name and DOB

If you do not know how to search for PAN Card details with the help of your name and Date of Birth (DOB), just follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the Income Tax department’s official e-filing website
  • Find out the section called ‘Quick Links’
  • Click on ‘Know Your PAN’.
  • Fill all the fields such as first name, middle name, surname, gender, dob, status and mobile number.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number linked to your PAN Card.
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Click on ‘Validate’
  • Enter your father’s name correctly.
  • Click on ‘Submit’
  • Now, you have your PAN number displayed on the screen with the relevant details

Can I Change My Pan Card Details? How Long Will It Take To Get Updated?

Yes, you case change your PAN Card details. What all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Now, Select ‘PAN’under ‘Services’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Apply’ under ‘Change/Correction in PAN Data’.
  • Fill all the details and click on ‘Submit’
  • You will be taken to a new page which will ask you to submit scanned images via e-Sign.
  • Provide all the personal details the website asked for.
  • Provide your contact number and address details.
  • Upload the asked documents for the authentications or your age, residence, identity and PAN.
  • Sign the declaration and click on ‘Submit’.
  • Now, it is time to make the payment, which you can also make via demand draft (DD), net banking or credit card or debit card.
  • Once you have successfully made the payment, acknowledgement must be downloaded, printed and sent to NSDL e-Gov after affixing two photographs on the space provided and cross-signing it. All documents submitted also must to be attached with the acknowledgement prior to sending it.

Once the request has been made for change/correction in the PAN card, it will take almost 15 to 20 working days to get it delivered on your doorstep.

Why Your Pan Card Details Are Important in India?

Not one, there are plenty of reasons why it is quite important to have Pan Card in India. If you wish to know all the reasons, here are some of them:

  • For employment: It has become mandatory to have PAN Card if you are a salaried person. Pan Card details is used while deducting TDS, professional tax, etc. If you falls under Tax slab, you must know that not would not be able to file IT returns unless you have Pan Card.
  • Proof of Identity: Pan Card is considered a valid identity proof and photo proof for various purposes ranging from opening a bank account to getting a gas connection in India.
    Banking: It is one of the most important documents not only for opening bank account but also other banking related financial transactions. This is required for all kinds of banks such as public, private, rural, and cooperative banks. This has been made mandatory in order to prevent money laundering.

It is to be noted that if you make a transaction exceed Rs 50,000 in a single, you are required to submit your PAN Card details. Not only withdrawing but also depositing more than Rs.50,000 in your bank account also require your Pan Card details. This is because Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) will be deducted for the interest that such deposits accrue.

  • Payment wallets: If you make any payment exceed Rs 20,000, you will be asked to submit your Pan Card details.
  • Post Office Deposits: If you deposit more than Rs 50,000 at a post office, you will be asked to furnish your PAN details.
  • Loan applications: If you are making a plan to apply for loan, you must know that your application will surely be rejected if you do not furnish your Pan Card details.
  • Debit or credit card applications:  While applying for either credit card or debit card, everyone required to show their Pan Card details.
  • Property transactions: PAN card details are required by law for any kind of property transactions by both the buyer and the seller if the value of the deal for the sale or purchase of an immovable property exceeds Rs.5 lakh. For joint ownerships, the PAN card details of both the owners are required.
  • Purchase of jewelry: If you make a purchase of jewelry or bullion exceeds Rs.5 lakh, PAN card details have to be submitted.
  • Vehicle purchase: For the sale or purchase of all vehicles, with the exception of two wheelers, PAN card details must be furnished.
  • Mutual funds: Investments in mutual funds, debentures, or bonds have to be completed with details of the PAN card data.
  • Share trading: PAN card details have to be submitted to both the broker, and the demat and trading account provider when trading shares.
  • Exchange of foreign currency: When exchanging local currency for foreign currencies, PAN card details are required for the transaction.
    Insurance premiums: If insurance premiums exceed Rs.50,000 in a financial year, PAN card details have to be furnished.

FAQs On PAN Card Details

Q. How Can I Fill Pan Card Application Form With Surname As An Initial?

Ans: While applying for PAN Card, you would not be allowed to use an initial as the surname. What all you can do is to ask for only your surname to be printed on the Pan Card. You can do the same by providing only the surname in the application form while leaving the space provided for first and middle name blank.

Q. Can I get a PAN card even if I am not required by law to have a card?

Ans: Yes, any Indian citizen can apply for a PAN Card.

Q. Can I get a PAN card for my minor child?

Ans: Yes, a minor can receive a PAN Card if the application is made by a Representative Assesse on behalf of the applicant.

Q. Will my PAN card number change if I make a change in my name?

Ans: No, you can’t make changes in your PAN Card number. Your PAN Card number will always remain the same even if you make changes in your name, address or any other details.

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