Overlord season 4 release date, cast, plot & trailer: When will Overlord 4 out?

From trailer to release date, here's everything you need to know about Overlord season 4.

Overlord aka Ōbārōdo is a Japanese light novel series written and illustrated by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin respectively. The anime TV series adaptation by Madhouse consist of three seasons with 13 episodes each.

The first season of Overlord aired between July 7 to September 29 in 2015 while the second season aired from January 9 to April 3, 2018, with the third season premiering later the same year on July 10, 2018, after which the last episode aired on October 2, 2018.

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Ever since the third season of Overlord ended, fans have been demanding makers to release Overlord season 4. The scriptwriter of the series had once spoken about the possibility of Overlord season 4.

Here’s everything you need to know about Overlord season 4.

Overlord season 4 Release Date

The writers of the series might have seemingly confirmed the fourth season of Overlord but they have not dropped the exact release date of Overlord season 4 as of now. There has not been any official announcement regarding the renewal the series for the fourth season.

However, we should not lose hope about Overlord season 4.

Overlord season 4 cast

As we have mentioned above that makers of this Japanese anime series have not officially renewed the series for the fourth season, it is difficult to predict who will star in the upcoming season.

However, chances are high that all main characters from the previous season will be returning to the next season as well. From the last season, fans are likely to witness Satoshi Hino as Ainz Ooal Gown, Yumi Hara as Albedo, Masayuki Kato as Demiurge, Yumi Uchiyama as Mare Bello Fiore, Shin’ya Hamazoe as Jugem, Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear Bloodfallen and Kenta Miyake as Cocytus.

Besides the old characters, it is likely that the makers will add few new characters in Overlord season 4.

Overlord season 4 plot

Since the makers of Overlord series have not dropped any footage or teaser for Overlord season 4, it is quite difficult to predict what will happen in the next season. The speculations are rife that we can see Ainz in a villainous avatar.

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Overlord Season 4 trailer

How can we expect to watch the trailer of Overlord season 4 when the series has not officially been renewed? As soon as they drop Overlord season 4 trailer, we will update this article.

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