Noori Masjid Gives Accommodation to Hindus in Mumbai, Is The Dose of Hope India Needs

If we talk about India, which is torn apart from the beliefs of fundamentalist and radicals, it’s proud to share a little hope at least once in a blue moon. It has become a usual word Communal tension is erupting in different parts of the country, there is not a single day on television channel who debates on communal issues, but we need to talk about the brotherhood and favour of India, for which India is known.

We always talk about our country saying, India is a home of all religions, castes, creeds, and people, which has a diversity in its soil. But it’s diversity rarely seen in across the country. Our only concern is why are we fighting over religions if we are living in the same country? Should Country be divided in terms of Religions? Why we are only taking Hindu Muslim Unity is a word in a Book?. No Hindu Muslim Unity means not unity between Hindus and Muslim but between all those who believe India to be their home, it does not matter what faith, religion, and caste they belong.

If we talk about the Hindu Muslim Unity there are many incidents in different parts of our country which shows communal harmony and bond of nationalism. In a city like Mumbai, where people can easily get the meal of the day but difficult to get the room at a cheaper price. If you ask for food on the street in Mumbai people would not refuse you but when you ask for the shelter they would say sorry with folded hands.

In this article, we are talking about Noori Musafir Khana, which is located in Mumbai’s Parel area, which is hardly 100 meters away from Tata Memorial Hospital. Noori Musafir Khan was established in 19’s when Wazeer Shah Baba spotted several Cancer patients on the footpath outside the Tata Memorial Hospital, which is known as Cancer Hospital. At that time, Baba thought and decided to allocate a place to those patients irrespective of their religions who were spending a sleepless night on the footpath and he had managed to give accommodation to 40 patients at that time on open space in Parel.

Wazeer Shah Baba Spotted Cancer Patients on the Footpath

Wazeer Shah Baba’s work of providing place and food to Cancer patients and their relative seems to be growing as days passes. When Madam 360 team asked about the current status of Noori Musafir Khana, a member of the Trust said, Now, the entire area has been spread over 12,000 square fit. Almost a year back, a donor came, who did not wish to be named constructed a concrete hall which caters almost 500 people including 150 cancer patients.

Noori Musafir Khana located on the campus of Noori Mosque (Masjid) in Parel, which also has fives shrines (Masjid), but when you visit the place you would be amazed to see how peaceful, brotherhood and Communal harmony alive in our country despite the word communal tensions keep coming in the news every day.

When Madam 360 team asked the Trust member about allocating accommodation to Hindus in Masjid he said,  “Disease has no religion and when it comes to Cancer, the patient feels depressing and start counting their days. When patients come all the way from Bengal, Odisha, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to Mumbai, they roam from pillars to poll to get the room at a cheaper price but it is not feasible in an area like Pswarel.”

“We don’t have any problem with Hindus or Cristian, we only serve human irrespective of their names, caste, and religion they belong too. The only condition to get allocated the space in Noor Musafir Khan is to have an Aadhar Card.”

When Madam 360 team asked about the extension of Noori Mus shafir Khan he said, “Currently we are serving 150 patients, and each patient can have two caretakers along with him or her. We have a plan to add one more floor for the patients but we are unable to provide them Water, especially in the summer season, that’s why we put that on hold. Every day we need 40,000-litre water to get their basic need done.”

What Cancer Patients Have to Say About Noori Musafir Khana

Prashant Kumar, who belongs to West Bengal has been in the Noori Musafir Khana  from last six months said, “I have a problem in Kidney and stomach, one operation has been conducted but the second one will be done soon. Prior to Noori Musafir Khana I used to stay in a Hotel which costs me Rs 800 a day, and after a few days I was compelled to live on footpath, but one patient told me about this Noori Musafir Khana, since then I have been given two times meal and half litre milk every day in merely Rs 50.”

Radha Devi, hailed from Bihar while talking to Madam 360 she said, “They are like an angel, the Musafir Khan does not partialize and differentiate between the Hindus and Muslim. I have been in Musafir Khan from last seven months, I start feeling like my home and they are like my family members the way they care us.”

Aafrin Shabbir Ahmed, who is a resident of Nanded had been living on the footpath outside the Tata Hospital before getting to know about the Noori Musafir Khan. She lived almost 15 days on the footpath and spent a sleepless night. She has been in Noori Musafir Khan for two months, now she appreciated Noori Musafir Khana trust for doing this noble work.

Noori Masjid Musafir Khan Parel

Unity is a strength, Says Incharge of Noori Musafir Khana

Noori Musafir Khan has deployed six members permanently for serving these cancer patients, they clean floors every day and manage the crowd during meal distribution. Shamsher Khan, Incharge of Noori Musafir Khan told Times Trends,

“When patients come here with a hope to get accommodation in Noori Musafir Khan, we only check their nationality and allocate them. We have only one aim to serve patients unless s patient is cured. If we talk about the Hindu Muslim Unity, then unity is strength and Masjid is a home to Allah who never stops people to enter and prayer, then who we are.”

Nowadays, Communal tension has been rising day by day, people of the country are being instigated by people to stage protest against the community and conspire to erupt violence and riot. But if we talk the real India we have much reason to be proud of.

Despite most ideas, we do witness moments of unity and brotherhood between the Hindus and Muslims in India.  Let’s spread the word of humanity, Brotherhood and Communal Harmony instead of spreading any wrong message.

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