“None Of Them Would Have Happened If I Wasn’t A Star”, Salman Khan on his infamous Hit & Run controversy

On the night of September 27th, 2002, Salman Khan's luxury car (Land Cruiser) crashed into an American Express Bakery in Bandra.

Salman Khan is no stranger to controversy. The Dabangg Khan has earned unprecedented fame over the years. His presence on and off-screen is unmissable. The actor has also had his face share of public outbursts. The one incident that still refuses to leave the actor is his infamous 2002 hit and run case. Read on to know more.

On the intervening night of September 27 and 28 in 2002, Salman Khan’s luxury car (Land Cruiser) crashed into American Express bakery. The incident led to the death of 1 victim and left 4 with severe injuries. Salman Khan was convicted guilty and was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment after 13 years of battle.

However, post the mysterious death of the prime witness constable Ravindra Patil, Salman Khan was acquitted of all charges in December 2015.

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The actor has always remained tight-lipped about this incident. However, in a 2017 interview with HuffPost, Salman opened up about his frustration at being linked into every hit and run case in the country. He also said it is all because of his fame.

When asked how does he deal with it, Salman Khan said, “I don’t have any ghosts. These ghosts have been created by people who are running businesses on them. There are so many incidents like mine that happened and nobody ever talks about them. Whenever there’s a hit-and-run that happens anywhere, they drag me into it all over again. I mean, what the hell, come on, man. How much will you go on and on…”

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Further probed about how people think he got away easy considering his fame and power, Salman ridiculed it saying, “It is not at all true. It’s not true. It’s all nautanki (mischief). Even now there are 5 out of job people who’ll show up on television to debate my case. Some for, some against. It’s ridiculous. None of them would have happened if I wasn’t a star. None of it.”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan’s Radhe The Most Wanted Bhai which was set for an Eid release has now postponed to an unknown date. The actor is currently living under lockdown with his friends and family at his Panvel farmhouse.

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