THIS Indian TV Channel shown K-pop girl band BLACKPINK as Chinese Stripper, Fans demand apology

Here's how News Nation responded to BLACKPINK India.

An Indian news channel News Nation has been at the receiving end for calling South Korean girl band BLACKLINK, Chinese Strippers. Fans belonging to not only India but also across the world have been urging News Nations to tender an apology for calling BLACKPINK band, Chinese strippers.

For the unversed, the TV channel showed the visuals of BLACKPINK while broadcasting a story of Chinese strippers, which has enraged fans all over the world.

In one of its segments called “Rochak Romanchak”,  the TV channel showed the clipping on BLACKPINK’s music video and the subtitles below read “strippers dance during funerals in China.”

The News Nation anchor can also be heard saying that Ministry of Culture in China has declared the tradition indecent and even though it is not sure if there will be a ban on the tradition the Chinese government will continue to work towards ending it.

It is to be noted that the video clip shown on the national TV channel was from BLACKPINK’s “In Your Area” concert where Lisa and Jennie performed solo.

BLACKPINK fans have also started trending #ApologizeNewsNation and #ShameOnYouNewsNation on Twitter.

Fans took to Blackpink SNS page and tried to teach some lesson on Journalism. In one of their posts on Twitter, they states that  BLACKPINK is South Korean (not Chinese), questioned the channel on calling someone stripper on the national news channel, asked the channel to stop objectifying women and advised it to do proper research before airing the show. The fans also warned the channel against spreading fake news.

Responding to BLACKPINK INDIA, News Nation wrote on Twitter,

“We stand by our story, however by mistake or call it a technical error, a wrong video got uploaded, we have withdrawn the said video clip the moment we came to know about it. We have been honest to our stories, what we air, would always stand by it. We regret for this tech error.”

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