Netflix’s Space Force Release Date Rumor

When the United States Government announced the creation of Space Force, there was a lot of chatter and most of it being Satirical but Netflix pounced upon the opportunity and was quick to announce that they will be producing a show around that.

While as if that wasn’t huge enough already they managed to rope in one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the lead role. They got Steve Carell back in a workplace comedy after his career-defining role as the bumbly office manager in The Office produced by NBC.

The Office is considered as one of the best shows in recent television history and everyone who has seen Steve Carell work knows how much of an influence he can have and the way he develops a character to make it lovable yet extremely funny.

While there haven’t been any reports as to when will the Space Force be releasing by Netflix themselves, they did, however, reveal in a tweet back in October 2019 that the production has begun.

Space Force has some of the best ensembles a TV show can have with Steve Carell fans will also get to see ohn Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome & Alex Sparrow.

While production began in early October, we as fans can only wait and ponder when Netflix will announce the release of the show, as a general rule of thumb the production usually wraps up in around 6-8 months and with edit it can run around for the next couple of months.

This makes the release window of Space Force to be around October right exactly a year after it was announced, or it could be released during the Summer months.

It remains to be seen as to when and how Space Force will be announced but it will certainly be one of the biggest shows to debut in 2020.

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