A look into Neha Kakkar’s life, music journey and bond with her family

Neha Kakkar is currently Bollywood's biggest singing sensation. Today, we turn down the memory lane to know more about the singer's life and musical journey.

Neha Kakkar is someone that needs no introduction in today’s times. The singer is one of the topmost musicians in the country. Her songs have managed to be chartbusters, one after the other. But fame and success were not easy for her. Today we take a trip down memory lane to reveal some interesting facts about Neha Kakkar’s life, struggles, and family bond.

Neha Kakkar’s Early life revelationsNeha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar began her musical journey at the tender age of 4. She performed at religious events in her hometown and even participated in the second season of the singing reality show, Indian Idol. After years of struggle, Neha made her Bollywood debut as a chorus singer in the film Meerabai Not
Out. Neha gained popularity among the masses after her peppy number “Second Hand Jawani
from Cocktail began trending charts. The song was followed by catchy groovy numbers like
Sunny Sunny” from Yaariyan and “London Thumakda” from Queen. Once an eliminated contestant, Neha is now one of the judges of Indian Idol.

Neha’s Initial Journey

Neha Kakkar

Neha’s journey into the music industry was displayed in season 10 and 11 of Indian Idol. Neha is the younger sister of equally talented playback singer Sonu Kakkar and singer Tony Kakkar. During her childhood, Neha’s father Rishikesh Kakkar used to sell samosa outside a college while her mother Niti Kakkar was a homeworker. In the city, Kakkar used to live in a rented home with her whole family.

Her Struggle at performing for religious events

Neha Kakkar

Before Neha became a singing sensation, her family moved to Delhi in order to try her luck in singing. While the family was under a huge financial crisis, Neha began performing at local gatherings and religious events with her siblings. Neha credits those events for boosting her self confidence. “I only sang bhajans from four to sixteen years. I would attend four to five jagrans in a day, which became my training ground,” she once said.

On her first reality break

Neha Kakkar

At the age of 16, Neha auditioned for the second season of Indian Idol where she got eliminated early on. Neha on her short journey said, “I feel, whatever happens, happens for a reason. I am just glad the way my journey worked out. It has been a tremendous learning experience”. The Saki Saki singer did not let it deter her hopes and began polishing her singing skills.

Her Relationship with Siblings Tony and Sonu Kakkar

Neha Kakkar

In one of the popular reality shows SA RE GA MA PA Lil Champs, Neha was surprised by a video of her siblings. Her sister and brother shared how the three of them are closer than friends. Neha has on many occasions confessed that Tony has served as a mentor and always helped her improve. On talking about sister Sonu Kakkar, Neha revealed that she has always looked up to her as the first musician and singer of the family.

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