Popular Telugu TV Actress Navya Swamy Tested Positive For Covid-19? Read To Know More!

Telugu actress Navya Swamy tested positive for Covid-19

Popular Telugu TV actress Navya Swamy, known for her roles in daily soaps like ‘Ame Katha’ (Maa TV) and ‘Naa Peru Meenakshi’ (ETV), had resumed work recently. Sadly she has tested positive for coronavirus and is currently under quarantine.

“Yes, I’ve tested positive for COVID-19. I got my reports yesterday and the first thing I did was stop shooting. I don’t want to be a carrier,” Navya states.

Talking about her initial signs,  she added, “I just had mild headache and tiredness for about 3-4 days and got the test done on my doctor’s advice I’m currently under self quarantine in my room and I don’t have any symptoms now. I’m fine and it is just any other day for me.”

Speaking of her distressing experience, the actress revealed, “Last night I cried a lot while going home and even until early in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. My mom is still crying. My phone was busy; I was talking to a lot of people. My WhatsApp was flooded with messages about the symptoms, treatment and much more. It was chaotic. I was even feeling guilty that I put my co-stars and crew in trouble too.”

While shooting for ‘Meenakshi’ serial, the TV management took test for all the actors and her result turned out to be positive. This has led to a panic-stricken situation in the entire TV industry. With this, all the actors and crew members involved in the shoot are going to take the test.

Commenting on what got her back shooting after a TV actor tested positive, Navya said, “It wasn’t safe for us to shoot but still given the competition in the TV industry and the need to deliver in the given time to recoup from the slump due to the lockdown, we had to shoot. Since I earn my bread and butter from the industry, I couldn’t be cocky and deny shooting. I was taking all the safety precautions but still, I contracted the virus.”

The actress added that countless speculations going around her condition affected her the most. “What pricked me were the rumours that I was deliberately being a carrier. Come on, why would I do that? I had no symptoms while I was shooting and the moment I was suspicious, I got my test done. And how would anyone know where they have contracted the virus? Just because I’m tested positive, one need not create a lot of fuss about it,” Navya asserts.

Nayva resumed her work two weeks ago after the TV shootings re-commenced. Earlier a TV actor named Boddu Prabhakar had also been tested positive.

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