How to Increase followers, likes, views on MX TakaTak for free – Guide

Here's how you can increase thousands of followers on MX TakaTak for free.

Ever since the Indian government banned hugely popular Chinese app TikTok, there are dozens of Indian apps have been struggling to establish their name among the audience. One of them is MX TakaTak. Yes, you read that right! MX TakaTak — which was launched a few days back — has already been downloaded by more than 10 million across the world.

If you were an avid TikTok user and currently looking for its Indian alternative then MX Takatak is the perfect option. If you look at MX Takatak, it is quite similar to TikTok.

If you have already download MX TakaTak and looking for ways to increase followers, then following tips will surely help you out. If you have been posting videos on MX Takatak but failed to gain a huge follower base then you have come to the right place.

How to create followers on MX TakaTak for free?

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some tips to increase followers on MX TakaTak instantly.

1. Create an attractive profile

You must know that your profile plays a significant role to gain followers. So, make sure you MX TakaTak profile is attractive and informational, so people can understand who you are and why should they follow you?

If you are a new to MX TakaTak then make sure to keep an appealing and easy username. Don’t forget to keep an attractive picture on your DP, so user can click on it and ended up following you on MX TakaTak or any social media platform.

2. Write an Amazing Bio

Take your time and write an amazing bio in your profile section so you users can know more about you and what differentiate you from the others. If you are a new to MX TakaTak then visit profiles of celebrities for the better understanding.

3: Stay Updated

If you want to increase follower on MX Takatak, you must know what topic or video is trending on the internet. Yes, having an idea about trend is a key to go viral and earn thousands of follower in no time. If you don’t know what topic is trending today, you can visit Google Trends to check out.

After finding a trending topic, what all you have to do is to create and post the video on MX TakaTak. Fortunately, if one such video goes viral, you would not believe that your video will earn you thousands of followers in a day.

4: Post Original Content

If you really want to be a star on MX TakaTak, post original content only. Yes, nobody wants to watch same type of content from different creators. If you post the same video what others are posting on MX TakaTak, why would people follow you?

In order to grad tons of followers on MX TakaTak, you will have to find a unique way to express yourself and stand out on MX TakaTak.

As you are allowed to post a short time frame to show your skill, make it engaging, and grab viewers’ attention. Always try to do something new and creative that no one is doing on this platform. As MX TakaTak is still a new platform, you have a lot of opportunities to become a star.

5: Upgrade your video production equipment

Nowadays, nobody wants to watch low-quality contents. So, make sure to record your video in a high-resolution camera and proper lighting. You actually do not need to have high end DSLR if you have an updated Smartphone at the beginning.

Similar to TikTok, MX TakaTak does provide built-in editor, which allows its users to add transition effects and background music.

6: Share your MX TakaTak profile on other social media accounts

If you have done everything correctly and want to increase followers on MX Takatak, now it is time to share videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Sharing your MX TakaTak profile on other social media platform will help you gaining more followers.


Unless of until you start posting original content on MX TakaTak, you would not be able to grab people’s attention. We have just mentioned some tips to increase followers on MX TakaTak but you must know that ‘Content is King’.

There are plenty of Indian TikTok alternatives available on the internet but using MX Takatak is highly recommended. If you follow the aforementioned tips, you will surely be able to gain thousands of followers on MX TakaTak in days to come.

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