Top 8 Music Streaming Apps in India that every song lover Must Have on their Phones

Get access to your favorite melodies from the 70s and 90s with these top 8 music streaming applications right here.

They say music is the way to your soul and in most cases its true. Music is an integral part of every Indian’s lifestyle. While we may have shifted from cassette and tapes to mobile phone apps, our love for music remains the same. The current technological advancements have only made it more accessible to every person in every corner of the country. A regular Indian has access to any song of his liking at the tip of his fingers, whenever and wherever he wants. Seeing as music is never going to be out of fashion, various global and national streaming applications have forayed into the music streaming sector in India.

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In order to make your search easier, we brought you a compiled list of Top 8 Music Streaming Apps that you must tune in to right now!

List of Top Music Streaming Apps in India

1) Spotify – Music For Everyone

spotify 1Its often said that where there is music there is Spotify. The giant of all music streaming giants, Spotify is undoubtedly one of the booming and sought after music streaming apps in India. Sweden headquartered music company launched in 2019 and within a week touched a whopping 1 million subscribers.

Spotify is user friendly, easy to use, and offers songs as per the user interests. You can listen to its songs for free but it also offers a paid model for a premium experience. Premium plans include ad-free music, offline playback, multi-device access among many others. Spotify podcast is also one of its many interesting features.

2) JioSaavn – Music for Every Mood – It’s the app not the Season

Music streaming

JioSaavn doesn’t leave much room for an explanation as the name itself sounds synonymous win the music. Started in the year 2007, the music streaming app merged with Reliance Jio to be later called JioSaavn.

JioSaavn offers over 45 million songs in English, Hindi, and multiple other languages. The app is wildly famous among music lovers for its vast library. Jio users can also choose their favorites caller tunes from the 70s, 90s, and so on. JioSaavn offers a freemium and Premium business model with a free trial period of 90 days. This application also has one of the leading podcasts and radio streams on its platform.

3) gaana – Bas Bajna Chahiye gaana

Music streaming

Launched in April 2010, is the leading music streaming app service in India with 100 Million+ monthly users. Founded by Times Internet, the music streaming app has songs listed in 21 languages with a song collection of 45 million+. allows its users to create their own public music playlist that can also be used by other users. The business model is also freemium and gaana plus plans start from ₹ 99/month onward. Paid subscription plan includes HD music streaming, ad-free music experience, offline download of unlimited songs. Podcasts & Radio streaming are also available.

4) YouTube Music

Music streaming

If there is one threat to India’s music streaming platforms right now, its YouTube Music. With its global presence as a video streaming app, YouTube rocked the music world with its launch in March 2019. One of the best features of YouTube Music’s is the option of having video and music only playback in the same app. You can watch and listen to all uploaded videos on YouTube by mainstream artists on this platform. Its paid model includes ad-free music streaming, skipping & scrubbing, offline & background playback. Users can now stream music based on their personal tastes and choices.

5) Wynk Music – Better way to Listen to Music!

Music streaming

Wynk Music is one of the most highly rated and used music streaming apps in India. Owned by network company giant Airtel, Wynk music offered the first free download feature for Airtel users. With a wide range of ultimate music collection, Wynk has access to major Indian language songs on its platform. The app offers Paid subscription plans that include ad-free streaming along with 1 month free trial period.

6) Apple Music – It hits all the right notes

Music streaming

Started as a music streaming platform only, Apple Music soon expanded its reach into video streaming as well. Spread across 100 countries globally, this application has over 50 Million+ songs in its varied collection. Apple Music allows users to stream in Apple car play too.

Owned by Apple Inc, the intention was to make this as a one-stop platform for all music needs. The app has a Paid subscription model for Apple music with a free 3 month trial period. iTunes, iOS, and Android device users can also download the app for the ultimate music experience.

7) Amazon Prime Music – Free with Amazon Prime

Music streaming

Amazon in its recent years has deeply penetrated the Indian market. Be it as an e-commerce giant, movie streaming platform, or music; Amazon has it all. Amazon prime music is one of the features that prime members can enjoy in addition to Amazon Prime Video & Prime delivery service. This app was among the first to recognize the potential of music streaming in India way back in Septemeber 2007. Previously named as Amazon MP3, this music streaming app is only available with premium plans that offer ad-free streaming. Alexa, an amazon voice assistant also comes integrated with the app for better search results and user experience.

8) Hungama Music – All the Music All the Time

Music streaming

Owned by South Asia’s largest digital media entertainment company, Hungama music is one of the first music streaming apps in India.  Users can find songs from the old retro collection to multiple language blockbusters in one place. Hungama music is accessible across 47+ countries worldwide with over 20 Million+ subscribers to boast off. The app offers a royalty reward feature along with the pro plan for ad-free streaming and downloading experience.

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