You Are A True Mumbaikar If You Can Relate To THESE 5 Major Points- Find Out!

Mumbaikars you know what we are talking about. Read below!

Mumbai or as you may call it the ‘City Of Dreams’, given the struggles and success stories which this city whips on a daily basis, people come from far and wide to settle in here. Mumbai is a city which keeps our hopes alive even amidst all the routine chaos but once you are a part of aamchi Mumbai, there’ll be no looking back.

Staying in Mumbai, you must’ve definitely come across some of its quirks, just like any other city. So if you’ve ever been referred to as a Mumbaikar, these are 5 things which you’re going to relate to!

Getting an auto-rickshaw is no child’s play

Mumbaikars and their constant grumble regarding rickshawallahs are endless! These bhaiyas always make us feel like they’re doing us a favour by dropping us to our destination and the actual fare seems like a tiny remuneration in return. When you first ask them if they’d take you, they mostly tend to deny the ride. Just to hold on to that empty auto, we sometimes change our destination according to wherever they wish to drop us!


Local train rides are a part and parcel of life.

Anybody living in the city, have no choice to skip riding these local trains and they’re much more popular than any other form of transportation in the city. If you’re daily commuter, we’re sure you’ve made peace with the sweaty and bustling crowds by now. We are sure, only do these ride help you in building patience but also makes you stronger than before!

local train rides

“Weekend hai. Lonavla chalte hain!”

When in Mumbai, weekend go-to spots are never a hassle! You have plenty of options to choose from but somehow, we always find ourselves in Lonavala. From anywhere in the city, you can comfortably take road trips to Alibaug, Nashik, Pune, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Malshej Ghat, amidst so many other scenic places. But Lonavla ka alag hi maza hai!


Vada Pav is the BEST to snack on!

Mumbai has tons of places for you to binge at according to your preferences. BUT there is a soft corner always for Vada Pav, which would be light on the pockets and will instantly make you feel fuzzy from the insides. Usually we pair it with a cup of garma-garam cutting chai and within seconds, we feel like we can easily get the better of the day!

vada pav

Mumbaikars have a love/hate relationship with Monsoons

The first monsoon shower does bring the much-needed pleasantries from the humid summers here but it does affect traffic primarily and going anywhere around the city becomes a Herculean task. There’s muddy water flooding in the streets, the constant downpour is actually annoying and let’s not even get to laundry problems!

mumbai monsoons

Ugh! Mumbai Traffic

No matter how awful the traffic is, how many potholes we’ve gotta skip or how the fast paced life here sucks the living daylights out of us, there’s no other city we would choose to rather live in. Being a Mumbaikar is like an honour and we’re sure you’d be able to relate to these points, if you’ve ever been in the city!

Mumbai traffic

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