Did You Know? Morgan Freeman Started Acting As A Punishment

Morgan Freeman was a mischievous kid in school. But did you know it was a punishment that forced him into acting? Find Out More.

Morgan Freeman is one Hollywood star that needs no introduction. The 83-year-old actor signifies everything that Hollywood is known for. He is an institution of his own in his God-like voice and expressive actions, the actor is nothing short of a legend.

In a career spanning four decades, Morgan Freeman has made a memorable mark in the film industry. The actor has some of the finest movies to his credit. From blockbuster cults like The Shawshank Redemption to Dark Knight and Million Dollar Baby, the actor has played every role to perfection. Apart from his versatile acting skills that speak for itself, Freeman is also highly acknowledged for his distinct voice as a narrator and voice-over artist.

It is without a doubt that Morgan Freeman is possibly one of the only veteran artists that can create magic every time they are onscreen. But did you know how Freeman even entered into the showbiz? The truth might really surprise you.

It all goes back to his junior high school days when Morgan was an innocent yet highly mischievous kid. He developed a crush on this girl from school at the age of 12. In order to seek her attention, Morgan pulled off the chair beneath her. The incident deservedly was brought to the teacher’s notice who decided to punish him in a unique way. Instead of complaining to the principal, his English teacher forced him to act in a school’s play. Morgan made his debut then, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Morgan’s story is bound to make anyone believable in destiny. Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman will be next seen in the upcoming film The Comeback Trail in 2020 and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
in 2021. The actor last made his on-screen appearance in Angels Have Fallen.

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