The Video of Money Heist actress Nairobi speaking fluent Telugu goes viral

Alba Flores's video speaking Telugu now viral

Money Heist actor Alba Flores also known as Nairobi , also appeared in a film as an Andhra women. The video clip is making rounds on the Internet, where she can be seen talking in Telegu language.

Money Heist fans recently discovered that Alba Flores who played as Nairobi in the most hyped series also played an Indian character earlier. In the Spanish film Vicente Ferrer (2013), Nairobi appeared as an Andhra women. Nairobi can be seen talking in Telegu in the movie. The fans are elated on seeing her performance as she makes it seems so natural.

Videos of her scenes have been making rounds on the Internet and the fans are going crazy for her. She has already won a million hearts by her character in Money Heist which happened to be in the Top 10 Most Trending Shows In India. This video is like treat to her fans to appreciate Flores’s work.

In the movie, Alba Flores can be seen dressed in a saree, braided hair and bindi as a symbol of the Indian dressing style. She plays the character of a teacher named as Shamira who tries to educate the women of Anantpur.

The film was about a Jesuit missionary who arrives in India to spread the Word Of God and to make the dull and dusty land of Anantpur, more fertile. Alba Flores’s talking fluently in Telugu has marked more appreciation and reverance for her by her netizens. Nairobi has truly left everyone spellbounded by her epic role.

One of the fan account shared a series of pictures and captioned it with, “Can y’all believe that she played such heavy roles right in the start of her career. I mean, if THAT was the start of her career, I can’t imagine what she will do in the future, she’s already above the skies right now, and she achieved ALL of this fame and love with side roles.”

“I saw the movie and the character was really good, she is an excellent actress her texts were in another language and you really think she was an Indian person I love her,” one fan commented.

In a meeting to YouTube channel BehindwoodsTV, Money Heist executive Alex Rodrigo recognized the show’s being a fan in India, and even cast a Bollywood redo. Rodrigo said that it was difficult to pick one, yet that Ayushmann Khurrana would most likely make for a decent Indian variant of the Professor. Rodrigo additionally picked Vijay as the Professor, Mahesh Babu as Tamayo, Ajith Kumar as Bogota and Shah Rukh as Berlin. He additionally picked Ranveer Singh as Denver, and Surya as Suarez.

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