THESE 7 Soulful Melodies of Mohammad Rafi Will Get your Heartstrings Tugged Perfectly!

These 7 soulful melodies of Mohammad Rafi will kill the lockdown boredom

Mohammed Rafi is regarded as one of the most prolific singers in India as well as globally. He has sung for everyone, right from street vendors to patriotic, heart wreaks to ghazals.

Currently, we all are confined within the four walls of our home and have nothing to hold onto to pass our time.  And not to forget everyone is going through a lot of snappy moods most of the time. At such testing times, music is the only relief one could opt for. It is considered to be great therapy.

Not only music uplifts our mood but also boosts our concentration, and output while working at home. For many, being at home is not that effective, so it leads to creating stress in abundance. It is only in such times that one could rely on some soul-refreshing and soothing songs.

Mohammed Rafi creates a charm we all crave for when it comes to singing. A man genuinely gifted with inborn talent. Rafi Sahab knows how to fill the void in one’s mind with his tracks. He is the most admired and respected artist in the music industry. Here are a few tracks that are trending presently.

7 Evergreen Melodies of Mohammad Rafi

1. Baar Baar Dekho

2. Deewana hua badal

3. Kahin door jab din dhal jaye

4. Sau baar janam lenge

5. Suhaani Raat Dhal chuki

6. Sar jo tera chakraye

7. Tere mere sapne ab

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