THESE 12 Hillarious Thumbnails Will Leave You Perplexed

Thumbnails you can't miss to guess

The virtual world is indeed a crazy place. It’s a facade. It’s a place where people desperately try to reach each other’s standards but only to flex in stories and photos.

It’s not what it looks like. A person who maybe seemingly attractive on Instagram may not be the same in real. The one’s who seem funny on tweets or Instagram memes that make you laugh until your tummy hurts may not be the case in real. Just like, Do not judge a book by it’s cover, do not judge a person through the social media profile.

The Internet is flooded with misleading and confusing pictures and thumbails that will make you rethink the message/ idea behind the image. Multiple times the Internet will prove you wrong and reveal something you had never expected.

Here, in this article we will take you through 12 such misleading thumbnails that will blow your minds. Let’s proceed.

Advertisement of  an Unguent?

Partly True, but definitely not what you thought!

2. What are those curves?

Definetly not what it looks like!!


3. Pubic hair?

Again not what you thought! Keep on trying I am sure you will be able to guess a few!!

4. That eye looks like you’re his next meal


Ughh, Still scary!!!

5. Rare hybrid of dog and tarantula?

AWW, It’s just new borns feeling their mother’s warmth

6. Swimmers ready to take a dive?

Nay, It’s just a weird nail art

7. Okay, this is creeping me out


Oh, absolutely wrong assumption. It’s just pigs


8. Mesmerizing Lunar Eclipse?

This is still mesmerizing but my expectations are shattered.

9. Uhmm, Adult content?


No, you dirty mind, it’s just an exploding zit.



10. A helicopter?


Oops, didn’t see this coming!!

11.What is this?

Aah, it’s an empty room

12. Puppies?

Ouch, I didn’t expect this at all

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