Meet the rare known hot siblings of BTS members

Not much bis known about the member's siblings, but here's what we know.

1.  J-Hope’s sister- Jung Dawon

Jung Dawon is four years older than J Hope but her youthful looks still makes her look like a  teenager.

j hope and jungdawon 1     Dawon’s instagram is loaded with beautiful selfies and fashionable outfits.

j hopes sibling 2

Her enchanting looks and innate fashion sense makes her look stunning

j hopes sibling

…so’s it’s no surprise that she models for her own clothing line- MEJIWOO

j hope sibling 3

j hopesibling5

We can’t get over this sibling-duo, can you?

j hope and sibling3

2. Suga’s brother- Min Geumjae (also known as Min Junki)

suga and bro

Suga’s older brother, Min Geumjae came into the picture when he attended The Wing Tour , and that’s when the first photo of him got leaked.

suga and sibling

For a long time, Min Geumjae kept his distance from the internet.


But he recently joined Instagram  as @goldjay89

suga bro selfie

jins bro 2

He featured on the Agust D track “SKIT”


3. RM’s sister-Kim Kyung Min

RM and sis

RM’s sister has stayed fairly hidden from the fans, but now that the photo is out, we can say that she is as adorable as her brother RM. When asked which member RM would introduce his sister to, he said Jimin


4. Jin’s brother- Kim Seok Jung

jin nad bro

Not much has been revealed about Jin’s brother, but he reportedly supported Jin’s success  by attending The Wings Tour as a VIP guest.

jins bro

Sources reveal that he attended The Wings Tour with his girlfriend.

5. Jimin’s brother- Park Jihyun

jimin and bro Copy

According to some fans, Jihyun looks like a pre-debut Jungkook.

Jimin’s real brother can be seen on the beach during Jimin’s Busan vlog.

Seethe vlog here


6. Jungkook’s brother- Jeon Junghyun

jungkook and bro 2

For a long time , fans mistook this man as Jeon Junghyun

jeon jungyun

junkook brother 11

but in reality, the ‘brother’ in the picture is actually Sungjin from Day 6

The mistake is totally understandable as at that time, these two looked extremely alike.

The real Junghyun isn’t really a fan of selfies. His deactivated Instagram account was full of digital drawings. He and Jungkook posted a few images from their Jeon family outing.

jeon family outing

jeon family outing 2Junghyun surely is really proud of his talented brother because most of his pictures are BTS fan art!! Like this photo of Junghyung BTS  and The Simpsons Picture.


7. V’s siblings- Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin

vs sister1

V is very connected to his family, he often misses them when he’s away from his family. He once teared up while talking about his brother during a live broadcast. No confirmed pictures of V’s siblings have been made public, however, Kim Eun Jin may look like V’s beautiful sibling, pictured here.

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