THESE extra moments by BTS and TXT’s non-celebrity friends will make you wish you had such BFFs!

BTS and TXT have some of the most extra non-celebrity friends to cheer them on. Take a look.

The Big Hit Family squad has some of the most extra friends both inside the circle and outside. While many know the deep bond, the boys share with each other some of their friends are not part of the business world. Apart from being each other’s best friends and colleagues, both the band members have multiple non-celebrity friends that cheer and support them behind the scenes.

Some of their friends have been at their biggest concerts to see them perform and dance in solidarity with their boys. On June 4, 2019, non-celebrity friends of BTS joined the flocked on fans to see BTS perform at Wembley Stadium in London. Jimin took to Twitter to share the poster their friends had brought them. “My dear friends came to see our concert”, it read.

The amazing banner created by Jimin’s BFFs said, “Your hyungs are here,” and features pictures of Jimin and his friends. At the stadium, some fans captured his friends waving the poster as a flag. Some people also took videos for others to witness the hilarity of Jimin’s friends.

While it is true Jimin has some extra loving fans, he isn’t the only one. The Big Hit Entertainment Idols have another band with non-celebrity friends just as extra and crazy. At TXT’s concert, some fans saw a group of wild boys waving their chairs in the air. From a distance, it seemed like they were mad fanboys, later it was revealed that they were best friends with Beomgyu. At the time of the incident, TXT did not have an official lightstick, so their friends made do with the chairs.

BTS and TXT have always been real and honest with their fans about their personal lives, sharing as much as they can. The boys share a very close and emotional bond with each other after all these years.

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