Marvel reveals the status of the Infinity Stones in MCU

Not really infinite.

Marvel Universal Studios has never failed to keep you waiting for it’s next Avengers movie. With every Avenger franchise revealing the infinity stones and keep you entailed with the discovery of others.
However, we are here with a heart throbbing news about Marvel this time. All the hopes that we had about the existence of the infinity stones somewhere in the Marvel Universe are crushed, especially after it was revealed that the stones have been reduced to atomic level.

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In an Instagram post Of Marvel, they confirmed that the infinity stones are now destroyed.
However, it’s worth noting that this is only in the main MCU timeline – and we know that other timelines were created due to the events of Endgame during the Avengers’ time heist. A little hope out here.

Meanwhile, the movie writers have come out with a detail in the final battle, that fans may have missed to pay attention to. explaining that the moment where the gauntlet is run across the battlefield is undertaken mostly by the heroes that weren’t in the rest of the movie.

You’ll notice that most of the people doing the heavy lifting in that sequence are not the ones you’ve spent two hours with, it’s the ones who just got there, because it’s the only time they’re going to get any screen time,” Stephen McFeely told Slash Film.

Christopher Markus added: “It was a great opportunity to advance the plot, but also give everybody a beat.”

Hope this little heartbreak about the destroy of Infinity stones comes up with a better twist.

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