Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Mahira Sharma Praises ‘Good Friend’ Paras Chhabra’s New Tattoo, Says It Suits Him

Mahira Sharma is in all praises for Paras Chhabra's new tattoo

Bigg Boss 13 entrants Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are well-known for their cute camaraderie built up within the reality show, despite his relationship with Akanksha Puri. The two, after a history of several allegations and differences in opinions, had an ugly breakup with each other. However, both Paras and Akanksha had each other’s names inked on their wrists during their happier times. Following the unfortunate split, Akanksha redefined it instantly except for the busy bee Paras, who took a while to modify it due to his work commitments.

Consequently the much loved heartthrob has removed remnants of his ex-beau by carving a new tattoo on his wrist and replaced Akanksha’s name with a Bigg Boss eye, leaving everyone in awe.

As PinkVilla reports, suggest, Paras’ alleged ‘good friend’ Mahira Sharma proceeded to act to his new tattoo recently and questioned on how it is better than his previous one. Mahira also shared that right after BB 13, Paras got a new show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

With the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Paras could not get his tattoo revamped. She revealed that the duo came up with the idea to get the tattoo changed inisde the BB 13 house only and simultaneously she had thought of getting a tattoo of a Bigg Boss eye. which eventually delighted Paras. Also the tattoo created a significant impact on his life since it made him realise the gravity of Bigg Boss 13 lessons, he earned while being in the house.

Opening up about his new carved tattoo, Mahira stated her fondness for the tattoo. Further she opined that since Bigg Boss has been an integral and turning point of their careers, the tattoo, indeed, is a token of grartitude to them. Further she added that every person deserves positivity and peace in life, and that he should only be associated with the same . ‘Paras’ new tattoo suits him and is all about positivity, the old one didn’t suit him.

Paras and Mahira share a warm bond, and are often found comfortable in each other’s company. The duo are gearing up to mesmerize PaHira fans with another music video soon, which is titled ‘Hashtag Love Soniyea.’

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