Maanvi Gagroo slams a Delhi Fashion Brand for using THIS picture to fat shame her

Maanvi Gagroo is famous for her role in Amazon Prime's Four More Shots Please and TVF Tripling's series.

Maanvi Gagroo is famous for her roles in web series like TVF Tripling’s and Amazon Prime Video’s Four More Shots Please. The actress plays a rich Gujarati girl who is fat-shamed all her life by family and closed ones. Maanvi recently made headlines after calling out a Delhi Fashion brand for fat-shaming her.

The actress took to her Twitter handle to share the screenshot of a sponsored Facebook post of Delhi based label, House of Fett. However, the most problematic thing about the picture were the words below it. “Styles to hide your curves”, the words read, blatantly body-shaming the actress.

Fat-shaming an individual for their clothing choices is definitely unacceptable. Sharing the screenshot, Maanvi wrote, “I didn’t wear this dress to ‘hide my curves’. Not only does the brand NOT have my permission to use my picture as a sponsored post, they definitely don’t have my permission to fat shame ANYONE! I stand against everything this distasteful tagline points to.”

Maanvi Gagroo has been receiving praise for her role in Four More Shots Please. Her character battles people’s comments on her body and how she finally comes at peace with herself.

Maanvi has previously been open about the concept of body shaming and how it shatters a person’s self-worth. She was earlier quoted saying, “Our living room conversations are changing. Families are changing. We’re now talking about things that were, till even a decade ago, fairly uncommon, let alone being scandalous. The smart thing to do as creators is to represent this change. Why wouldn’t we show stories that are relatable and depict characters that exist? Narratives need to change with every story, perspective as well.”

What are your thoughts on fat-shaming? Do let us know.

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