Lucifer season 5 releases on Netflix India at THIS time

Get ready for the twin Michael Morningstar to take over the life of Hell's favorite Devil. Here's when the Tom Ellis series arrives on the platform in India, US, UK, and other countries.

After a long wait, Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Season 5 finally arrives on Netflix today. The hit series is back, with hell’s favorite devil returning to Los Angeles after journeying there at the end of season four to quash a demon rebellion.

For the unversed, Lucifer is a fantasy-drama that centers on Lucifer Morningstar, or the Devil, who quits (yes, quits) Hell and moves to Los Angeles to run a nightclub, before going on to become a consultant for the LAPD.

Lucifer season 5 was touted as the show’s last outing on Netflix however ardent fans of the show clamored for another installment. Season 6 is supposed to drop any time in the next year or so.

Lucifer season 5 will see his twin brother Michael replace Morningstar on Earth and add an exciting spin to the series. As the trailer suggested, Micheal will not only live his twin brother’s billionaire life but he will also romance detective Chloe Decker while continuing to pretend to be Lucifer.

The new season is the first part of the series and will feature only eight episodes. The titles of each episode have been revealed. Via Express UK, the episodes are titled, “Really Sad Devil Guy,” “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”, “!Diablo!”, “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken,” “Detective Amenadiel,” “BluBallz,” “Our Mojo” and “Spoiler Alert.

What time does Lucifer 5 release?

Netflix drops new episodes of series on the platform at 12:00 am PT/3:00 am EST. Lucifer season 5 is most probably going to follow the same pattern.

India: 12:30 pm IST

The US: 12:00 am PT/3:00 am EST

The UK: 8:00 am

Italy: 9:00 am

Philippines: 3:00 pm

UAE: 11:00 am

Recently social media was abuzz with reports of Lucifer aka Tom Ellis being replaced by Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder. However, Mudrovich soon quashed these rumors herself. Her reply was a tweet that read, “Bwahahahaha!!!!”

Speaking to The Guardian, Ellis admitted he had come to terms with the fifth series being his last until he was called and asked to do another.

He said: “I’d planned to spend this season in my own grieving process. And then, right towards the end, literally as we’d already devised how we would end our show, we had a call from Netflix saying: ‘Would you like to go another season?’

“I know we’re the Lazarus of TV shows, but this is definitely going to be the final season,” he comically added. 

So, are you ready to reveal your desires to Lucifer?

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