How to write a letter to the Editor? Format & samples for CBSE Class 9, 10, 12

From sample to format, here's everything you need to write a letter to the editor

Looking for formats to write a letter to Editor? If yes then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will be sharing a format and a few tips and tricks to write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper or a magazine.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the guide:

How to write a Letter to the Editor ?

Irrespective of the editor of a magazine or newspaper, the process of writing a letter is same. There are millions of people around the world wish to write a letter to editor but they don’t write because they actually don’t know the format.

Usually, people write a letter to editor to highlight a social issue or problem they are facing in their areas. You can also use the following format to get your article published in any newspaper or magazine. As it is a formal letter, you need to follow the format carefully. Only formal language can be used i.e. abbreviations and slang language must be avoided.

Students throughout the world are often asked to a write a letter to the Editor. If you are looking for ways to write the same, here are some sample letter to the editor for your convenience.

Letter to the Editor Format – CBSE Class 9, 10, 12

Before we explain how to write a letter to the Editor, let’s discuss the format:

The format of a letter to the editor of a newspaper is as follows –
1. Sender’s address: The address and contact details of the sender including email-id and phone numbers should be mentioned here.

2. Date:  Exactly below the address, write the date

3. Receiving Editor’s Address: Write the address and contact details of the recipient including mail.

4. Subject of the Letter: Write the main purpose of the letter. Notably, the subject should not be lengthier than one line.

5. Salutation (Sir / Respected sir / Madam)

6. Body: The matter of the letter is written here. Notably, your matter  must be divided into three paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and the actual reason why you are writing this letter in a brief.

Paragraph2: Reveal a little bit information about the matter.

Paragraph 3: Wrap up the letter by mentioning what you are expecting from the editor. (For example, you may want him or her to highlight the issue through his or her newspaper / magazine).

7. Complimentary Closing

8. Sender’s name, signature and designation(if any)

If you still did not get how to write a letter to the editor, you can have a look at some of samples here:

Sample Letter to the Editor

Sample 1: Letter to Editor on Social Problem

Suppose you are Mohammed Hashim, member of an NGO, Ummid. Write a letter to the Editor of any national daily newspaper highlighting the issues caused due to the Yamuna River and how important it is to clean the river.

Mohammed Hashim
213, Pipe Road Kurla West
Mumbai -400070

Dated: 13 July 2020

The Editor
Hindustan Times, Delhi

Subject: Requesting you to highlight issues caused by Yamuna River

Dear Editor,

I am Mohammed Hashim, member of NGO Ummid. I am writing this letter to highlight the deteriorating condition of river Yamuna. The country’s capital, Delhi is getting contaminated water from river Yamuna.

There is no denying of the fact that it is people who are blamed for this. They pollute the river with garbage, sewage and filth. The river is filled with bacteria, plastic, chemicals and other waste materials. It is unfit for consumption.

There are thousands of people living in that area have been demanding a Water Treatment plant. However, their efforts seem to have fallen to deaf years as the authorities have not responded to the repeated requests yet.

I am requesting you to publish this issue in your reputed newspaper and create awareness about the same. It is the need of the hours to come together and get the plant set up in that area.

Thank You
Yours sincerely

Mohammed Hashim
Member of NGO, Ummid

Sample 2: Letter to Editor on Your Local Problem

Gandhinagar is one of the densely populated areas in Mumbai. Sadly, there is no Amul milk booth in the area. Write a letter to the editor of a local daily newspaper drawing the attention of the authorities to the problem faced by the people, requesting them to open a milk booth. You are Deepak Kumar, a resident of Gandhinagar, Mumbai.

Deepak Kumar
124, Gandhinagar
Mumbai —  400076

Dated: 13th July 2020

The Editor
Free Press Journal, Mumbai.

Subject: To Open Amul milk booth in Gandhinagar area

Respected Sir / Madam

I am Deepak Kumar, a resident of Gandhinagar. I am writing this letter raising an issue of absence of Amul milk booth in my locality.

Gandhinagar is without a doubt one of the most populated area in Mumbai and majority of the people living in that area are daily wagers. Despite having a huge population, people have to travel many km to fetch milk and milk products.

As the situation got quite serious, I request you to please pay head to this letter and carry in your respected newspaper so that the Amul Milk  authorities are sensitized towards it and do the needful.

Thanking You
Yours Thankfully

Deepak Kumar

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