The Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough, Guides, And Beginner’s Tips

Here's everything you need to know about The Last of Us Part 2.

The much awaited video game The Last of Us Part 2 is finally out. It continues the story to cliffhanger’s endings. Sadly, not everyone has got the access to Naughty Dog’s latest post-apocalyptic epic as of yet, but if you are reading this walkthrough, it is likely that you want yourself to be prepared what is in store for you as the the global launch is around the corner.

Fortunately, we have brought to you some important biginner’s tips here to get versed on as you wait. Besides beginner’s tip and tricks, we will post full spoilers, guides and free walkthrough in the days to come.

Don’t worry amigos, we would not be revealing any kind of story spoilers in this walkthrough.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Beginner’s Tips

The latest offering is way similar to predecessors, The Last of Us Part 1. What differentiate it from the first part is it is albeit with a more open and ended structure in combat encounters and new enemy types.

Have you played the first The Last of Us? If yes then you would not be facing any trouble while playing The Last of Us Part 2. However, If you are looking for tips prior to getting your hands on The Last of Us Part 2, here are some tips and tricks that will surely help you out.

Always Be Looting

Similar to part 1, looting is an essential part of The Last of Us Part 2 as well. Whenever you go for encounter, you must be scanning the environment searching for drawers, cupboards and other compartments as you clear abandoned buildings and pass by rusted cars.

As you loot, you will get all the necessary supplies that needs for crafting such as explosives and health bandages as well as ammo like shotgun shells and arrows.

The amount of supplies you can discover will directly affect to the hurdle you choose. The easier the dificulty the greater the amount of crafting materials and ammo you will get. It is to be noted that it does not means getting supplies does not grant you one of the supply but fills up your meter until you three.

If you are feeling unhappy for getting a little amount in looting, you have an option to adjust the amount of items you can get without impacts the combat difficulty.

Adjust Approachability And Accessibility Settings

Don’t be scared to get your setting changed to get your ideal experience. The Last of Us Part 2 does have a plenty of options for you to tweak and control your hearts content. Notably, you also have an option to change the enemy’s AI’s level of awareness, the number of resources you can discover the damage you take in combat and the usefullness of allies in order to adjust how approachable the game is.

Would like to adjust all the setting from the begging? What you need to do is to select the Custom Difficulty option. If you want a recommendation from us, picking one of the standard difficult option first and adjusting indivisual approachability and accessibility options as desired is highly recommended.

It is to be noted that you can always change the difficult setting in the game without getting penalized for adjusting on the fly.

Find Collectibles

If you have played the Part 1 of The Last of Us, you must have an idea how Naughty Dog loves shoving a tons of collectibles into its games and the Part 2 is no exception.  Collectibles come in various forms such as  artifacts, trading cards, and journal entries.

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Except a few which are hidden under a red in teh Hillcrest section, majority of these collectibles are usually found in non-combat area. So if you are a completionist, turning on high contrast mode and enhanced listen mode in the setting is highly recommended.

The former highlights interactable objects in your environment when you swipe the touchpad and enhanced listen mode causes a ping sound to ring out when you are close to collectibles. Both make it a lot easier to find difficult-to-find items.

The Last of Us Part 2 Difficulty Settings

You have numerous options to choose from and they are: Very Light, Light, Moderate, Hard, Survivor and Custom. Each difficult will provide different adjustments to the game and you can pick your desired one.

How to Adjust Difficulty?

In order to change the game difficult level in The Last of US Part 2, you will have to go to the option Menu and make changes.

The Moderate difficulty will offer the player a balanced experience and the resources are mentioned as “limited”.

In Very Light, players will be able to go on this adventure with a lighter level of combat challenge. The camera and aim assist will be enabled by default in this mode. Very Light level is way less challenging than the pervious one, Moderate.

If you want to face challenge in the game then Hard Difficult Mode is highly recommnded. The resources will be limited and enemies will be more ferocious.

And there’s the Survivor difficulty mode, where the skill level of players will be examined. The resources will be too scarce and enemies are more ferocious. If you think you can handle some intense gameplay, this mode is decent pick.

Which Difficulty Settings Should You Select?

Players can opt for whatever difficulty setting that want as we have mentioned all of them above. If you want to experience a normal gaming experience than Moderate would be the best option for you. If you are looking for extreme challenge, then taking the Survivor legal is recommended.

What is Custom Difficulty in The Last of Us 2?

Once you are done finishing the game, you will be able to customize challenge. Here, you can modify difficult on basis of player, enemies, allies, stealth and resources.

The Last of Us Part 2 difficulty settings offer players great flexibility to tweak and manipulate game as they desired.

For more tips & tricks and guides related to Last of Us 2 guides, Stay tuned Madam 360.

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