Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2019 Written Update Full Episode

Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2019 Written Update: Today’s episode begins as we Prithvi begins fighting with Kappu and twist his arm causing him hurt badly.  When Janki tries to separate the Prithvi strangle him too and Samer pushes him away and start beating him.  He says that he has come there to look for Preeta, not for a fight.  Samer asks him to keep calm and explains that he does find Karan is the best choice for Preeta and calls himself a worthy of her. Despite they tied the knot, Samer is not ready to accept the truth.

Samer asks him to leave the house claimed that Preeta got married to a person who loves her a lot. He also called they the pair was made in heaven. Samer and Prithvi indulged in a heated argument,  Shrishti says that she will call the police and tell them everything about him which may land him in jail and have to spend the rest of the day behind the bars.

He asks Preeta to be there as he goes there to talk to her only, then they tell her that Preeta is not present in the house as she has gone to her in-laws. Karan asks if she is feeling the pain becuase it the same pain he felt which his brother tied the knot with Sherlin.

Preeta ask him if he still does not trust her, Karan answers that he will never believe what she is saying because the friend which she had has died, she starts crying but he orders that she not say anything as he cannot live without accepting what she explains, Preeta pleads with him to listen to her but he is not interested saying that she can now live her life the way she wants.

Preeta request to take her with him wherever he is going because her mom has married her with her wish.  Karan explains that they never got married in his society and even his family is not aware of the marriage, so he will not have to answer for anything, he gets in the car and is about to leave, she is constantly pleading with him to let her sit in the car, he however does not let it happen and drove the car when she comes closes to him leaving Preeta alone.

Shrishti is seen applying the bandage on Kappu hand, Sarla comes and ask what happened to him then he narrates everything in detail.

Samer asks Sarla what made her change her mind as she believed that Prithvi was the right choice for Preeta, she explains that it doesn’t matter what she feels because everyone else is happy and she also knows that Preeta has feelings for Karan, he promises that his brother will take care of Preeta.

Shrishti asks Samer to take care of his sister and not let her feel bad about anything which makes her cry.  He also promises her that he will take care of Preeta. Preeta requests Karan to come back as she can’t go anywhere with him. She is also still i shock as he is not ready to believe that Karan has left her alone in the ground.

Then, Karan stops their car, Preeta gets down from the car and started crying. He is really frustrated and tears the wedding decoration on the car and starts drinking alcohol and promised to take revenge from Preeta for what she did to him.

This is where Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2019 Written Update ends! 

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