Kunal Kamra strikes again! Accuses CarryMinati of plagiarising ‘Yalgaar’

Standup comedian Kunal Kamra accused CarryMinati of plagiarizing a 2-year-old video by another artist for his rap song 'Yalgaar'.

Just when we thought the bitter feud between YouTubers and TikTokers has been finally laid to rest, a new controversy has taken its place. Amidst all the bashing and Twitter trends, CarryMinati released his much-awaited rap song titled ‘Yalgaar’. The song has been trending on #6 worldwide crossing Lady Gaga’s ‘Blackpink.’ However, standup comedian Kunal Kamra has yet again come out to mock the YouTuber for his music video.

A few days ago, Kunal Kamra trolled CarryMinati after the latter’s video got taken down for violating YouTube’s community guidelines. Kamra released a roast video of his own titled ‘Aaja Beta Carry Tujhe Roast Sikhaye’. Expectedly, the video received a surge of negative comments and dislikes on YouTube. Soon after, Carry released his much-awaited song ‘Yalgaar’ as his answer to all the trolls and naysayers including Kunal Kamra. Kamra’s latest dig at CarryMinati’s rap video has escalated this war to the next level.

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In a recent jibe against CarryMinati, Kamra took to Twitter to share a video by ‘Babu Haabi’ which he said is similar to CarryMinati’s Yalgaar. The comedian also tagged YouTube and questioned about their stand on plagiarising and copyright issues. However, he did not stop there. He also tweaked a line from Carry’s rap video to mock the artist further.

“Dear Carry fans this is plagiarism someone stole the tune from victim carry’s mind & composed Yalgaar 2 years ago… https://youtu.be/KV1wzW92bCg @YouTubeIndia what’s your stand on copyright? “Meri kahani mujhe batani hai par orignal tune nahi banani hai”g”, his Tweet read.

Meanwhile, CarryMinati’s video is shattering multiple records and has gained over 80 million views in 5 days. He is also the only YouTuber in India with 21.6 million subscribers.

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