Know How 20 year old CarryMinati became YouTube’s viral sensation

Roast King of India Carry Minati is Indian YouTube's biggest sensation. Take a look at his Early life, Net worth, and Education.

CarryMinati is 2020’s most talked-about YouTuber. One of the biggest names in the Indian YouTube community, CarryMinati has a YouTube fanbase of over 18.6 million. Carry aka Ajey Nagar hails from Faridabad, Haryana.

The YouTuber started his channel in 2010 and there has been no looking back for him since then. Owing to his stardom, CarryMinati’s latest YouTube vs TikTok – The End became an overnight sensation on all social media platforms. Also Read: CarryMinati’s ‘YouTube Vs TikTok’ Video Becomes The Most Liked Video On YouTube

Here’s everything you need to know about CarryMinati:

CarryMinati’s Net Worth

As per a net worth source, CarryMinati’s net worth can be calculated tallying his personal assets, the number of likes, views, and YouTube subscribers. As of 2020, CarryMinati earns a total of $3.8 Million which is roughly translated to ₹ 27 crores.

CarryMinati’s Education

Carry Minati dropped out of school in 12th grade. He was not a studious child and decided studies was not for him. He later completed his 12th from distance education.

Early life and YouTube channels

Ajey has two YouTube channels. The primary channel is called CarryMinati with the most subscribers while the second channel is named CarryisLive. The second channel is used for live streaming video games.

Carry started his YouTube in the year 2010 with the name ‘Stealth Fearzz’. The videos had He football tricks and tutorials. Later, he changed his name to CarryDeol. The videos featured Carry playing videos while talking like Bollywood hero Sunny Deol.

His channel finally rose to fame after he targeted India’s most beloved YouTuber, BB Ki Vines, aka Bhuvan Bam. His video Making Money with BB ki Vines earned him a spot on YouTube’s upcoming star list.

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Career Highlights

  • He received a gold play button after crossing 1 million subscribers in 2017.
  • He collaborated with the artist Wily Frenzy on the track Zindagi and Warrior.
  • His diss track Bye Bye PewDiePie got him national fame.
  • His video YouTube vs Tik Tok: The End broke YouTube record with 72,422,881 views in 6 days.

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