Katy Perry Announces The Release Of Her Upcoming Fifth Studio Album “Smile” This Friday!

Singer Katy Perry to release her fifth studio album "Smile" this Friday

During these times of uncertainty, musicians and vocalists came forward to strike the chords of our heartstrings with their melodious music infusing within us a ray of hope to emerge stronger. One must not forget one such singer Katy Perry who, through her song “Daisies” reminded everyone to stay strong.

The singer once again left us spellbound when she announced the release of her upcoming fifth studio album “Smile” on Friday through major Chinese music streaming sites.

Featuring 12 songs, the album brings about two special works for her Chinese fans, Message from Katy and High On Your Supply.

Smile symbolizes her emotional journey towards holding onto hope and joy after enduring some of the most difficult times in her life.

“I wrote this record during one of the darkest times of my life,” said the singer-songwriter. “Once I figured out there was a better way to look at life, I was seeing it with a different point of view.”

The 35-year-old pop star is also expecting her first born with fiancé Orlando Bloom. One of her songs in the new album, What Makes A Woman, is a celebration of womanhood.

“This whole album is my journey toward the light — with stories of resilience, hope and love,” she said.

Katy Perry's new album

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