Throwback! When Karan Johar called Anurag Kashyap a “psychopath”

Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar made quite the headlines for calling each other 'psychopath' and 'fat kid'.

Director Anurag Kashyap shared some of the funny and embarrassing anecdotes of his public life. That includes his very mean fights with Karan Johar and the time when he pranked filmmaker Mukul Anand.

In an interview with Mid-day, he said, “Karan Johar gave an interview calling me a psychopath. Till then we had not met. I called him a fat kid, who still thinks he is in school. Remember we had this fight in mid-day. I also said something about Anil Kapoor in the interview that became a headline. But people always knew I was childlike.”

He also reminisced about writing for Mahesh Bhatt, “One of my favorite stories is about Mahesh Bhatt. He happened to me, right before Ram Gopal Varma. He got me to write films, but Mukesh Bhatt [his brother] was very miserly with money. I was struggling with rent. Pooja Bhatt was the nicest and kindest; I would tell her to talk to her dad,” he added.

Anurag also revealed one of the funniest moments when he pranked Mukul Anand. “There was a time when Mukul Anand was making Trimurti (1995). I wanted to work with him as an assistant. I would call his house land-line. Every call was a rupee gone. And he was always busy. The third time I said, ‘Subhash Ghai bol Raha hoon. Unko bolna Kal se set pe aane ki zarurat nahin hai,’ and hung up,” the filmmaker said.

Meanwhile, Anurag’s recent Netflix original Choked released amidst rave reviews from viewers and critics alike. The filmmaker also featured in a pivotal role in Ghoomketu starring Nawazuddin.

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