Kanye West Accused Of Illicitly Taking Confidential Tech To Make Millions For His Sunday Gatherings

Kanye West accused of stealing confidential tech for his Sunday service gatherings

As per TMZ, tech company MyChannel Inc. alleges that Kanye collaborated with them in 2018 to boost revenue for West’s Yeezy mechandise.

The company claims that it worked with West for over six months on this deal in exchange for a word of a $10 million investment, and claims to put 10,000 hours and $7 million of its own investment into this project. The company even relocated its headquarters twice to make it work with Kanye.

However, MyChannel Inc. proclaims that Kanye stepped down from the partnership once the six months was over, charging that West took the company’s private technology and used it for his own selfish interests to make millions on his Sunday Service gatherings.

MyChannel Inc. are suing Kanye for robbing their tech under the pretext of a business partnership and are apparently seeking $20 million for damages. The rapper has not released a statement in reply to this indictment at the time of writing.

Then there was a time when he misled rock fans by initiating a debate over whether Guns N’ Roses or Nirvana are the better band, and became an Internet sensation after revealing his vibrant plan of creating a Christian version of TikTok called “JESUS TOK.”

Kanye once said “I almost borderline being sued” because it’s the “only time” he can be himself.

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