Justin Bieber Vs Zayn Malik: Who’s got the best tattoos?

Looking for tattoo ideas? Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik can guide you through this.

Most of the celebrities have a never ending love for tattoos and when it comes to the pop sensations, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik, their obsession for tattoos have certainly no limits. Both the singers have got innumerable things inked on their body, which makes them look 10x more sexier.

Justin Bieber is undoubtedly the king of pop reinvention. Right  from his album release baby to Yummy, the pop sensation has built a huge fan base. He’s become an idol for millions of youth for his phenomenal talent, irresistible charming looks and an edgy fashion sense. Justin Bieber has an extended love for tattoos and loves getting inked. From bible verse, to owl and a compass, name it all the man has it on his body. Reports reveal that he has about 67 tattoos on his body and considers both of his sleeves to be one tattoo.

Zayn Malik, the former One Direction (1D) band member and the Pillow- Talk singer is no less and is yet another one of the most admired personality among the youth.  Well, what’s not to adore in him? From his amazing singing talent, his entrancing body and impeccable looks and a fashion enthusiast. Zayn is a package every women would want, but sorry ladies, Gigi has won this package. Zayn is no less when it comes to tattoos, he has about 62 tattoos inked from head to toe. Zayn Malik has eyes tattooed on his chest. Certain reports and fans surmise that Zayn has Gigi Hadid’s eyes smack-dab on his chest. The couple never confirmed that the eyes on his chest are Hadid’s , but the resemblance is quite obvious. This shows that Zayn loves to get his body inked with everything he adores. The different coloured ink tattoos and unique patterns on his body makes him look even more sexy.

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Let us know whose tattoos are the best according to you.

Justin Bieber

Zayn Malik


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