BTS’ Jungkook becomes star student at online english classes, turns admin into an ARMY

Jungkook is currently attending online English classes to further his understanding and speaking of the language. However, the heartthrob singer will probably soon turn the admin into an ARMY.

BTS’ Jungkook is undoubtedly one of the most focused and hardworking K-pop singers in the industry. The singer has time and again proved that he can achieve anything given the right amount of push and dedication. That includes learning one of the most difficult languages: English.

Currently, the BTS heartthrob is enrolled in online English classes to further understand the language and be fluent in it. Jungkook in an interview said that learning English will help him communicate better with his fans internationally and he can also support RM during their interviews. Right now, RM is the sole BTS member with complete knowledge and fluency in speaking in English.

The ARMY takes pride in everything BTS does and that includes Jungkook’s relentless pursuit of learning English. Fans have over the past year seen Jungkook’s progress. The social media record-breaker is now better at pronunciation and his vocabulary has impressively grown since the last year.

Jungkook is attending the Siwon School online to further his education.  This language academy offers courses in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, French, German, and English.

However, much to everyone’s expectations, Jungkook has become a star student, so much so that the school admin might have turned into an ARMY. On 26th July, the school took to twitter to appreciate Jungkook’s dedication and hard work. They wrote, “We’d like to thank our real student Jungkook… Oh, we really hope we can help you master English… (Motivated).”

The school admin further went into full ARMY mode as kept expressing how cute Jungkook is. He wrote, “Jungkook, do you also break hearts… Yes, I think so… Oh my goodness Cute Oh my goodness So Cute Oh my goodness Cute Oh my goodness So Cute Oh my goodness Cute Oh my goodness So Cute.” 

Take a look at his tweet here:

With the assistance of such helpful teachers and Jungkook’s dedication to learning, Jungkook will soon master the art of speaking fluent English.

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