Fight Hair Loss And Other Scalp Diseases with Juhi Parmar’s Homemade “Secret Oil Recipe”

Fight Hair Loss And Other Scalp Diseases with Juhi Parmar's Homemade "Secret Oil Recipe"

Hairfall is a common issue which has become a nightmare for all of us. At some point we have tried innumerable remedies to curb this issue, but all in vain. Here is a ray of hope, with actor Juhi Parmar’s “secret oil recipe” that you may like to give it a shot.

As The Indian Express points out, the Kumkum actor, who keeps unveiling her diary of home treatments here and there, stresses the significance of homemade and handmade products, and shared a three-ingredient recipe for treating hair fall, dandruff and thinning of hair.

Here’s her take on fighting hair loss:

“I have been making a secret hair oil at home which is making a huge difference to my hair so here I am sharing this secret with you. Try it out at home and I’m sure you will start seeing results just that way I am. Its completely safe, its organic and homemade without chemicals….what else can one ask for?”



Coconut oil
3 tbsp – Fenugreek seeds
3 tbsp – Onion seeds or Kalonji


*Grind kalonji and fenugreek seeds separately in a mixer grinder.
*Pour water in a pan.
*Using the double-boiler method, pour coconut oil in a bowl and keep it on the pan with water. Add both the powders.
*Keep the flame on low, let the mixture boil for at least an hour. Keep stirring at regular intervals so that the powders mix well the oil properly. Once done, stir the oil again and let it cool down. Strain and pour the oil to an airtight glass container.


*Onion seeds or kalonji give a bouncy and healthy look to the hair. It has anti-fungal properties that keep infections and other scalp diseases at bay, which cause hair fall. Onion seeds are a rich source of essential oils which nourish the hair and help it to grow thicker and fuller.

*Fenugreek seeds are steeped with high protein and nicotinic acid content, which are known to fight  hair loss and dandruff.

*Coconut oil is essential for making the hair roots strong, long and thick. The essential fatty acids and vitamins in it make this happen.

Extra Tips

*Grind the seeds separately since they are of various sizes.
*You must boil for close to an hour so that the powders infuse into the oil properly.
*Keep on straining the mixture for at least four-five times to get good amount of oil.
*The methi-kalonji residue can be used as a body scrub. It smoothens the skin.

When to use it?

*Use it twice a week.

“You will see the difference in three to four weeks,” said Parmar.

Try This At Home And Feel The Difference!

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