Bengali Actor Jisshu Sengupta Opens Up About His Views On The Much Debated ‘Nepotism’

Bengali Actor Jisshu Sengupta Opens Up About His Views On The Much Debated 'Nepotism'

The tragic demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has re-ignited the fierce debate on nepotism currently taking the film industry by storm. Many celebrities have formed and shared their crystal-clear opinions on the issue. Amongst them, bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta shared his bit about the debate in a conversation with Hindustan Times.

According to Jisshu, the film industry follows a comparatively liberal mindset if measured with other industries. “It’s everywhere. It’s not only in our industry, it is in every other. Here we get to at least know because it’s an open book. Everyone knows about everyone, talks about everyone. In other industries we don’t even get to know. It’s worse out there. Our industry is much better than any other industry where I don’t know how my boss, my company’s CEO is. And I don’t believe in this whole thing which is going on social media, about nepotism, about insider-outsider. If you are talented, you will be there and if you’re not talented, you won’t be there. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

He further stated that he finds Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan to be incredible actors. “And I haven’t seen a talented guy who is out of work. Ever. If you talk about a star kid, is Alia a bad actor? I find her brilliant. Is Ranbir Kapoor a bad actor? I find him brilliant. Hrithik Roshan? I find him brilliant. I love to watch Tiger Shroff’s action films. I love it. If you name the actors who didn’t make it and are star kids, the list is more than those who have made it. So where is the nepotism,” he said.

Recently, director R Balki had also issued a similar revelation about Alia and Ranbir and their background. “The question is do they (star kids) have an unfair or bigger advantage? Yes, there are pros and cons. But I’d ask one simple question: Find me a better actor than Alia (Bhatt) or Ranbir (Kapoor), and we’ll argue. It’s unfair on these few people who’re probably some of the finest actors,” he had said.

Jisshu even pointed out that if has the monetary benefit to put, he will choose to do so wherever he wishes to. “And why won’t I support my kid, my nephew? They are my blood, it’s my money. I can put it. Yes, they have to be talented enough to make it happen again. I won’t obviously throughout my life put in money, money, money. Kuch bhi nahi horaha hai, chalo usko banate jao, banate jao. Koi nahi banata hai. And there are examples, I don’t want to take their names, who didn’t make it. Fair enough. But there are so many examples who didn’t have any relatives and they made it,” he said.

Jisshu who essayed the role of Kangana Ranaut’s husband in Manikarnika, holds contrasting perspectives on the matter than her. Kangana has been a focal point against which the entire argument of nepotism stands and she has been voicing against this in the industry for a few years now.

Jisshu will next by seen in Shakuntala Devi alongside Vidya Balan. He portrays the maths genius’ gay husband Paritosh Banerjee. Asked about the film and his role, Jisshu says he was not nervous about taking up the project. “If I have accepted the film, I have accepted the film and I go all out. And I have played bisexual characters earlier in my life also. In National Award-winning film Chitrangada. And you need you watch the film to understand what Paritosh Banerjee is all about,” he said.

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