Happy Birthday Jennifer Winget! THIS Is What Jennifer Winget Wants As Her Birthday Gift From Her Fans

This is How Jennifer Winget will be celebrating her birthday this year

Beyhadh’s Maya aka Jennifer Winget turns 35 on May 30, 2020. The actor will be having a quarantined birthday due to the nationwide lockdown. However, social distancing norms and self-isolation definitely does not prevent the actor from creating a positive aura for her fans.

Jennifer has persisted that her fans contribute to various causes and organizations fighting at the front line during such trying times instead of showering gifts on her birthday. The actor has also made up her mind to not celebrate her birthday this year in context of the situations worldwide.

Jennifer Winget recently in an interactive session with an entertainment portal disclosed that she won’t be celebrating her birthday this year around. The actor vividly painted a picture of the entire idea of celebrating her birthday as ‘small, trivial and unimportant’ due to the ongoing pandemic.

She also concluded that not wanting to celebrate her birthday during such difficult times does not make her pessimist in any way. She called the days of lockdown to be a ‘new normal’ as nothing about days in quarantine is comparable to the world before COVID-19 outbreak.

Jennifer Winget also expressed that during such uncertain times, her fans, family and friends have been consistently keeping up with her. The actor considers herself fortunate enough to get the constant love and admiration from fans close to a decade now. Jennifer requested her fans to make basic necessities accessible to those in need instead of sending her gifts. This year around too she is ecstatic to know that her fans will be doing their bit towards a noble cause.

The actor is gratified that though she is spending her birthday alone, it is still being celebrated in a way. Jennifer pleaded her fans to be kind to each other in every possible way. She hopes that her fans continue to lend a helping hand towards different charities and make her birthday a memorable one.

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