Friends’ Actress Jennifer Aniston’s Doppleganger Is Taking The Internet By Rage- Watch Out!

Jennifer Aniston's doppleganger is taking the internet by storm

Jennifer Aniston gained immense prominence with her portrayal of Rachel Green in the renowned television sitcom ‘Friends’. Though the show premiered during the 90’s, the show’s popularity is still exploding even on OTT platforms making it one of the most watched TV shows till date.

Girls today look up to Jennifer Aniston’s beauty as a huge inspiration. Her distinctive facial features and charming eyes remained a stimulus for big photographers over the years. Now, the news that has taken the internet by storm, is that, the internet has found a doppelganger to the actor. Yes, you read it right, there is another face with strikingly similar features like that of Aniston.

As per reports in, a California based hairstylist Stephanie Carrillo shared a snap of her client Caitlin and wrote, “I can assure you she is not Jennifer Aniston.”

As soon as the post went viral, Netizens flooded the posts with heaps of reactions. While many appreciated it, some even added that she looks exactly like Jennifer Aniston’s twin sister.

Speaking to GMA about Caitlin, Carrillo said, “She has been a long time client of mine and all her transformations have been reposted and each time people go nuts, saying ‘Is it, Jennifer? Hello Rachel Green? We’ve had fun.”

Caitlin, meanwhile, expressed how she has been receiving these compliments since a very long time. “I have gotten the ‘You look like Rachel from “Friends”‘ or ‘You look like Jennifer Aniston’ comments since I was in high school,” Caitlin told “GMA.” “I’ve never understood it as I think Jennifer is far more beautiful, and I’m sincerely flattered by the comparison.”
She added, “Even before the comments I’ve always been a huge fan of hers. She’s gorgeous inside and out.”

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