Janhvi Kapoor: People won’t accept me unless I’m extraordinary

Janhvi Kapoor will next be seen in Netflix film Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, that's based on the life of the first female Indian Air Force pilot to serve in a combat zone.

Actor Jahnvi Kapoor in her recent interview says that people won’t accept her unless she’s extraordinary and they shouldn’t expect anything less. She also admitted to getting an easy entry into Bollywood and she is ready to work hard and earn her place in the industry. Currently, the actor’s film ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ is facing flak for being produced by Dharma Production.

Jahnvi Kapoor who is the daughter of famous producer Boney Kapoor and late superstar Sridevi says she won’t be bogged down and instead watch for the silver lining.

Jahnvi Kapoor on Nepotism

In her conversation with PTI, Jahnvi said, “You can either get bogged down by it or try to see the silver lining even though it might be hard. What I have understood from this situation is that people won’t accept me unless I am extraordinary. Which is great because they should not settle for anything less than that.”

Following the shocking demise of Sushant Singh Rajput in June, questions about Bollywood treatment of its outsiders and the infamous debate of nepotism and star kids reared its ugly head.

Jahnvi Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ released its trailer recently. However, due to the ongoing debate it received floods of negative, hateful comments on YouTube.

On People’s Reaction to the Trailer

The 23 year old actor in her reaction to the debate said that taking people’s emotion into account is highly important. But as an actor she wants to give her best shot and reciprocate the love her parents have received over the years.

“It’s true that I have got this chance easily so if I have to do something extra to prove myself, I ready to do that. Earning people’s love means a lot to me because whatever I am, I am because they gave so much love to my parents. I need to give something back. To do that through something I love is the best possible way,” she added.

 The film, produced by Dharma Productions and presented by Zee Studios, features actor Pankaj Tripathi as Janhvi’s onscreen father Anup Saxena, Ayesha Raza Mishra as her mother, Angad Bedi as her brother and actors Viineet Kumar and Manav Vij as her senior officers.

Jahnvi Kapoor on her film ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’

Janhvi said she felt very connected to the story as it talks about hope amongst other positive things.

“It is an important story and it should reach people. I think it is a story of hope. This story, meeting Gunjan ma’am and spending time with her, has reinstated my belief in myself. I hope it impacts people the way it impacted me,” she said.

The father-daughter relationship shown in the film is its real heart and Janhvi said her dynamic with Tripathi came to resemble the one shown in the film.

“I got a chance to learn from him, to talk to him about his work and movies. I was very excited. Gunjan ji looks up to her father and idolizes him and that’s how I look up to Pankaj ji. Even on the sets, I would watch him perform and seek his guidance. Basically, we had a similar relationship off camera,” she said.

Asked about her take on patriotic styled films, Jahnvi reiterated that they have only stayed true to the real life story of Gunjan Saxena.

“After talking to Sharan and meeting Gunjan ma’am, I also felt that though she is a national hero, she did not set out to be one. She just wanted to pursue her dream, and through that she did so much for the country and its daughters. Her agenda was simple and honest. That’s the lesson and the takeaway I hope people have from the film.

There are ways of being patriotic. Everyone loves their country whether they shout it out or not. Working hard, silently and honestly is also a way to be patriotic,” she said.

Watch the trailer here:

 ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ is the inspiring story based on the life India’s first woman pilot in a combat zone. The film is slated to release digitally on Netflix on August 12.

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