Do You Know You Can Prepare Jamun Chutney With This Easy-Peasy Recipe?

Do You Know You Can Prepare Jamun Chutney With This Easy-Peasy Recipe?

The moment you come home to a carpet full of purple jamuns fallen from the trees, your happiness must be knowing no bounds. The jamun’s rich purple body does much more than add that bit of colour to the muddy monsoons.

For people who are diagnosed with diabetes, consumption of jamun chutney can add to great benefits because of its low glycaemic index. Jamun has excellent antioxidant properties and can contribute to maintain your health. Jamun can be consumed as whole fruits, but did you know you can even prepare chutney out of it?

Incase, you are absolutely bored of the regular green and red chutneys, try this lip-smacking chutney that is sure to add that extra flavour to your meal. Put on your apron with chef Anahita Dhondy who keeps sharing delicious recipes from different parts of the world.

Made from the season’s favourite fruit, jamun, the spicy, sweet and tart chutney is best had with roti or paratha.

Give it a try.


250g – Jamun
Panchphoran – 1 tsp of five spice combination (mustard seeds, nigella seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds)
2 – Dried chillies
1 tbsp – Oil
½ tsp – Salt
¼ cup – Sugar
¼ cup – Jaggery
¼ cup – Water


*Heat a pan. Add the oil and spices. Once nicely heated with the spices fluttering, add jamun and saute. Add salt, sugar and jaggery.
*Cover the pan.
*After 10 minutes, take off the lid. Cook without the lid so that the water can evaporate.
*Once cooked, use a strainer to strain to beat the pulp and remove the seeds.
*After straining, put the pulp to boil again.
*Once cooled down, put it into a glass jar.

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