Quarantine & Chill: Give In To ‘JOLO’, The Joy Of Letting Go!

It's all about learning the art of the joy to let go

In an era of self-isolation, individuals from different social demographics, professions and age groups have embraced a cloistered lifestyle and ditched their rigorous beauty regimens.

2020 is all about preparing to let go, embracing a low-key lifestyle, which doesn’t involve wearing stilettos and body-con clothing. If FOMO or the fear of missing out kept blocking the social media landscape for last couple of years, this quarantine era heralds the joy of letting go, which means not rigorously hang on to one’s idea of perfection. For instance, going bra-less or maybe not shying away from embracing one’s hair roots.

As per media reports in Hindustan Times, entrepreneur Kalyani Saha shares, “This has been such a leveller and time to assess personally how much unnecessary expenditure one expends on things, which are avoidable and definitely not required. With no professional help of blow drying my hair or doing my nails, I have realised how easy it is to Do IT Yourself! DIY is the new mantra , which I plan to practise long term!”

Businesswoman Michelle Poonawalla sees this period of lockdown as an opportunity to take a stroll back to our basics. “Even though it’s total lockdown and we are going back to basic, I think it’s important for one in a simple way to groom oneself be it hair, makeup or nails. Of course, I don’t think anyone will be wearing heels and heavy makeup and walking around their house. Comfort clothing is okay and one could look elegant in one’s favourite jeans and a T-shirt.”

Entrepreneur Samyukta Nair mentions that it is indeed compulsory to be aware of the past for the lessons learnt and look forward to the future for all what’s yet to come! “Letting go of old habits and patterns while recognising what really gives us joy – be it more in our pyjamas, staying connected with our family, who we might not see as much or even simple pleasures of savouring a cup of tea while looking out at a beautiful sunset, is imperative. Making the time for things that make us feel alive as we move forward and consciously building a life we love is really where it’s at,” says Nair.

Designer Saaksha Bhatt is of the opinion that JOLO has definitely surpassed FOMO. “With no pressure to wear tight uncomfortable clothes, unnecessary inches of makeup, painful heels and the routine of blow drys, it’s a period to let our skin breathe, take advantage of dressing comfortably all day without judgment, letting the soles of our feet heel and embracing the extra hair on our skin. It’s easy to be a victim of conforming when everyone around you appears to look perfect, but the lockdown is the perfect moment to let our hair down and breathe for a second!”

Clinical psychologist Priyanka Verma, “Given the lockdown, people are forced to be in discomfort emotionally. The only option is to find ways of accepting the reality and forgetting previous pains. No one wants to carry on the past baggage and people want to either forget or forgive as there’s a fear of losing one’s loved ones.”

Counsellor Kamna Chibber says, “In a scenario where everyone has been pushed to adapt phrase like JOLO help us cope better and maintain a sense of positivity.”

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