When Irrfan Khan caught son Babil Khan with a love bite on his neck

Check out Irrfan Khan's epic reaction

On 29th April the entire nation mourned the death of Irrfan Khan, a spectacular actor of Bollywood. The actor was an absolute gem and never failed to leave the audience in awe by his phenomenal candid acting. Irrfan has played as a father in his movies like Hindi medium and Angrezi medium with outstanding piece of work.

He has portrayed himself as a ‘cool dad’ and’ supporting dad’ throughout his movies as he extends his boundaries to no limit to imbibe the need of ‘cool dad’ in the society. Not just in movies, but Irrfan Khan was truly a cool dad in real life too. His throwback interview that has been the sensational talk over the Internet these days, of him catching his son with a love bite proves it all.

This is how Irrfan Khan reacted on seeing a love bite on his son Babil Khan’s neck.The interview dates back to 2017 when his Qarib Qarib Single was all set to release. In a throwback interview with Irrfan Khan, he said, “My kids are very open with me. When I saw a love mark on his neck and confronted him about it, he said, ‘no it’s not that, it is a rash.’ I said to him Beta congratulations. (laughs).”

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Irrfan Khan then went on to share that one needs to be open to their kids about such things. He also said that it is a good thing if kids come to you and talk about everything. It is important to make your kids feel that their parents will understand their curiosity to explore love and not suppress it. Truly, sometimes a parent has to be his children’s friends to understand them better and to make the children feel at ease.

On discussing intimate things with kids, Irrfan said, “Just tell them(kids) it is natural. If you are not being curious about it, then there is something wrong with you. If you are curious and want to explore, please go ahead and this is the way life is. This is the best gift nature has given to you. Explore it. Explore it in a way that you don’t hurt anybody. But, find its potential.”

The actor also shared that he was never embarrassed to talk about intimate things with his mom as well. This gives us an insight into the modern and forward-thinking family.

The loss of such a great actor will always be remembered through his movies. Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with neuroendochrine tumour in 2018 and also suffered through a colon infection.

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