Time To Vote: Who Do You Think is The Best Fashion Instagrammer? Faisal Sheikh or Siddharth Nigam

Up your Instagram game with Faisal Sheikh and Siddharth Nigam

Instagram has been always the sought-after platform to up your blogging game. To include, we have come across a large number of bloggers who have inspired us at every bit. Two of them are Faisu and Siddharth Nigam,

Faisu is one of the coolest fashion bloggers, who has created a rage among the youth of the country. Faisu aka Faisal Sheikh, better known as Mr Faisu is the creator of team 07. Faisu is a TikTok star, who has earned more than 25million followers on TikTok.

Mr Faisu has started his career from scratch, who used to earn only Rs 50 per day and now is the proud owner of a BMW, he is amazingly a talented actor, fashion blogger and a model, he has featured in a couple of music videos that are raking in millions of views and likes every day.

Mr Faisu also touching the skies with his ever first show “Tu Krta Kya Hai”, where he brings in other fellow TikTokers and organise an interactive session with them, it is a super exciting watch. The show is channeled through the YouTube channel, “It’s Immo”. One will be extremely astounded by Faisu’s immaculate fashion sense which has swept his fans off their feet.

Siddharth Nigam, our very own Aladdin, is a well-known face of the TV industry. The actor is recently, seen in SAB TV’s show Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga. We love to watch him there. Fans adore him for his enchanting eyes and on point expressions on screen.

We already are aware that Nigam has a huge fan following under his name on Instagram Siddharth is known to follow a strict regimen for his fitness, his Instagram page is hovering with his exercise videos, he also possesses a YouTube channel, where he consistently posts of his exercise and workout videos and furthermore reveal his fans about his everyday exercise schedule. Siddharth is an inspiration for the young people of the nation. All things considered, obviously, his eyes, his body, all are to gaga over!

Now, to decide who is the best, would be a difficult task!

Now, the ball is in your court! Check out these posts and decide who do you think is the best.



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