Index of Game of Thrones (Season 1 to 8) | Download GOT 1-8 Season Free

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular and fantasy TV shows we have ever seen as of now. Whenever we talk about any Fantasy TV series, what comes to our mind first is Game of Throne. The popular series which is also known as GOT has been concluded. It has been almost a year since the finale of Game of Thrones aired on HBO but millions of people still talk about it.

If you have not watched Game of Thrones and wants to binge-watch, all seasons of GOT are streaming on Hotstar and Netflix.  You must be confused about how and where to start, we have made it quite easier for you and listed down the index of Game of Thrones season 1 to season 8.

Before we take a look at the Index of Game of Thrones, let us introduce you to the cast and crew members of Game of Thrones. Without any further ado, let’s have a look.

Game of Thrones Cast & Character

  • Sean Bean as Lord Eddard or Ned Stark
  • Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Tully
  • Richard Madden as Robb Stark
  • Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
  • Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
  • Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark
  • Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark
  • Kit Harington as Jon Snow
  • John Bradley as Samwell Tarly
  • James Cosmo as Jeor Mormont
  • Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
  • Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister
  • Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister
  • Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister
  • Aidan Gillen as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish
  • Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy
  • Conleth Hill as Lord Varys
  • Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth
  • Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei
  • Rory McCann as The Hound
  • Daniel Portman as Podrick Payne
  • Jerome Flynn as Bronn
  • Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm
  • Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane
  • Carice van Houten as Melisandre
  • Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Snow
  • Vladimír Furdík as Night King

Index of Game of Thrones (Season 1 to Season 8)

 Index of Game of Thrones Season 1

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Winter is ComingWatch Now
Episode 2The KingsroadWatch Now
Episode 3Lord SnowWatch Now
Episode 4Cripples, Bastard, and Broken ThingsWatch Now
Episode 5The Wolf and The LionWatch Now
Episode 6A Golden CrownWatch Now
Episode 7You Win, or You DieWatch Now
Episode 8The Pointy EndWatch Now
Episode 9BaelorWatch Now
Episode 10Fire and BloodWatch Now

 Index of Game of Thrones Season 2

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The North RemembersWatch Now
Episode 2The Night LandsWatch Now
Episode 3What is Dead may never DieWatch Now
Episode 4Garden of BonesWatch Now
Episode 5The Ghost of HarrenhalWatch Now
Episode 6The Old Gods and The NewWatch Now
Episode 7A Man without HonorWatch Now
Episode 8The Prince of WinterfellWatch Now
Episode 9BlackwaterWatch Now
Episode 10Valar MorghulisWatch Now

Index of Game Of Thrones Season 3

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Valar DohaerisWatch Now
Episode 2Dark Wings, Dark WordsWatch Now
Episode 3Walk of PunishmentWatch Now
Episode 4And Now The Watch is EndedWatch Now
Episode 5Kissed by FireWatch Now
Episode 6The ClimbWatch Now
Episode 7The Bear and The Maiden FairWatch Now
Episode 8Second SonsWatch Now
Episode 9The Rains of CastamereWatch Now
Episode 10MhysaWatch Now

Index of Game Of Thrones Season 4

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Two SwordsWatch Now
Episode 2The Lion and The RoseWatch Now
Episode 3Breaker of ChainsWatch Now
Episode 4OathkeeperWatch Now
Episode 5First of His NameWatch Now
Episode 6The Laws of Gods and MenWatch Now
Episode 7Mocking BirdWatch Now
Episode 8The Mountain and The ViperWatch Now
Episode 9The Watchers and the WallWatch Now
Episode 10The ChildrenWatch Now

Index of Game Of Thrones Season 5

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Wars to ComeWatch Now
Episode 2The House of Black and WhiteWatch Now
Episode 3High SparrowWatch Now
Episode 4Sons of The HarpyWatch Now
Episode 5Kill the BoyWatch Now
Episode 6Unbowed, Unbent, UnbrokenWatch Now
Episode 7The GiftWatch Now
Episode 8HardhomeWatch Now
Episode 9The Dance of DragonsWatch Now
Episode 10Mother’s MercyWatch Now

Index of Game Of Thrones Season 6

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Red WomanWatch Now
Episode 2HomeWatch Now
Episode 3OathbreakerWatch Now
Episode 4Book of the strangerWatch Now
Episode 5The DoorWatch Now
Episode 6Blood of My BloodWatch Now
Episode 7The Broken ManWatch Now
Episode 8No OneWatch Now
Episode 9Battle of the BastardWatch Now
Episode 10The Winds of WinterWatch Now

Index of Game Of Thrones Season 7

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1DragonstoneWatch Now
Episode 2StormbornWatch Now
Episode 3The Queen’s JusticeWatch Now
Episode 4The Spoils of WarWatch Now
Episode 5EastwatchWatch Now
Episode 6Beyond the WallWatch Now
Episode 7The Dragon and The WolfWatch Now

Index of Game Of Thrones Season 8

Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1WinterfellWatch Now
Episode 2A knight of the seven kingdomWatch Now
Episode 3The Long KnightWatch Now
Episode 4The last of the StarksWatch Now
Episode 5The BellsWatch Now
Episode 6The Iron ThroneWatch Now

These are the index of Game of Thrones which will surely help you to binge-watch the iconic series.

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