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Presentation Is An Art: Here’s How You Can Learn Monochromatic Food Presentation Using THESE techniques!

Employ the following techniques to give your dull plate an appealing look

Presentation in food is the key to pull all the five senses together to savour the different flavours of food. It may sound quite unnatural, but we tend to visually taste our food long before it is gone into our mouths.

Presentation adds a zing to the experience of enjoying food. The reason why chefs are constantly striving on their plating and presentation techniques. Adding to this further, is a new food trend which has creptΒ  in to create its own space. Recognised asΒ  the monochromatic food trend, it particularly involves adorning food items of similar colour on the plate. Even before gulping the food down, the plates ensure to make the food look appealing to the eyes.

Check out these pictures to take your eyes and your mind on a relishing food journey!

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This trend playfully tricks you into eating many things while you think you are relishing just one.
While the term monochromatic might sound difficult and the pictures make the dishes seem even more perplexing, but it is not the case. All you need to do is take a base colour like white and then pair it with other tones and shades of white itself.

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