Just Revealed: Rapper Iggy Azalea Shared News Of Her Son On Instagram, Says ‘He Is Not A Secret’

The 'Fancy' rapper Iggy Azalea took to her Instagram account to share the news of her son

Besides music, Iggy Azalea has something new and exciting to share with the world out there. On Wednesday June 10, the “Fancy” rapper took to her Instagram account and announced that she has a son. “I have a son,” says Azalea in her Instagram Story. “I kept waiting for the right time to say something but it feels like the more time passes the more I realize that I’m always going to feel anxious to share news that giant with the world. I want to keep his life private but wanted to make it clear he is not a secret & I love him beyond words.”

Azalea, who is currently in a relationship with rapper Playboi Carti, has not revealed any further information about her son, including who his father his. In December of 2019, grapevine was buzzing with the news that the couple was expecting a baby, but at that moment Azalea seemingly put those rumours to rest with an Instagram post. While a lot remains unknown about her new addition, one thing is absolutely clear that at some point in time Iggy Azalea became a mother. Congrats to new mommy Iggy Azalea, her partner Playboi Carti, her not secret son and his private life.

Azalea made a comeback on social media after taking a self-imposed break earlier in March by sharing her first post since December, 2019.

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